DIGIOP S60D500C 8 Channel Network Video Recorder, Desktop, 500 GB - 130 Days Storage, 12-15 Day Lead Time
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The DIGIOP S60 Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a high performance video management solution ideal for small retail stores, restaurants, offices, and similar locations. The S60 provides up to eight channels of analog or IP video recording up to 60 images per second and one channel of audio, all managed in a single user interface. The S60 is shipped with integrated point of sale (POS) software creating the perfect loss prevention solution.

The DIGIOP S60 delivers key functionality and state-of-theart capabilities in a compact desktop chassis with a powerful Intel dual-core processor. It can be configured to provide more than three months of DVD quality video*. As with the entire DIGIOP platform, the S60 can seamlessly integrate with other systems and is easy to install, use, and maintain.

Included with each DIGIOP S60 is the DIGIOP Remote Manager, which will enable a user to manage, upgrade, and monitor the system as either a stand-alone workstation or part of an enterprise surveillance system. By combining DIGIOPís award-winning video management software and Dellís highly reliable platform, you can have an open video solution unparalleled in capabilities, quality, and value.


  • Video Recording: Enhanced MPEG 4 compression with motion and noise discrimination, individually selectable camera frame rate and resolution. Up to 30 ips per camera. Max Resolution 720x480.
  • NTSC: 60 ips across 8 inputs (7.5 ips per camera) @ CIF & 2 CIF, 30 ips @ 4 CIF PAL: 50 ips across 8 inputs (6.25 ips per camera) @ CIF & 2 CIF, 20 ips @ 4 CIF
  • Playback: Advanced image post-processing, smart search, selectable de-interlacing, 24-hour intelli-search, selectable event playback, digital zoom and enhancements, encrypted and open format which is easy to export to network, DVD/CD/USB
  • Audio Channels: 1 line-level synched to video, 1 two-way audio, selectable compression methods, G.723.1 compression achieves voice quality 6.3 kbps bitrate, MP3 FM and AM quality and live remote audio monitoring
  • Analog Monitor Out: RCA-terminated NTSC or PAL analog spot monitor output; selectable rotation with dwell time, controlled/overridden by time/VMD/alarm input or remote control
  • Alarms/Relays: 4 (NO/NC) / 4 relay switch outputs; event driven, PTZ preset association to sensor input. Video motion detection, video loss, record failure, and power loss association to relay. Local and remote relay activation.
  • Data & Peripheral Connectivity: Integrated PTZ RS422/485 or 1 RS232, 8 USB ports for additional devices, 1 parallel/printer, 1 VGA out, 1 speaker or line-out, 1 headphone (front)
  • Network Interface: Ethernet: RJ-45 10/100/1000. Server bandwidth throttle, DHCP enabled; centralized time server synchronization across all servers.
  • Recording Modes: Continuous, schedule, motion (full view or masked with sensitivity control), event-driven with multiple camera association, pre- and post-alarm recording, covert, selectable event and camera days archive retention
  • Video Streaming: Advanced compression and 128 bit AES encrypted, multi-channel independent streaming, tri-plex on remote for simultaneous live, VOD/Playback, and archive. Unique full quality video stream achieved by adaptive frame skipping for low bandwidth networks
  • Video Storage: 1 high capacity HDD. 250Ė500 GB storage. Innovative HDD dampening, SMART III. 7200 RPM SATA, HDD % full notification
  • Audit/Event Log: Setup, startup, shutdown, restart, reset, sensors, HDD fail, video loss, record start and stop, system service, date/time change, upgrade, network change, video error
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S60 DVR (500GB, 130 Day Storage, 8 Video Channel, 1 Audio Channel)

Item Weight: 25 lbs.