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APC Smart-UPS RT 3000VA Tower/Rack-mountable UPS
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Product Information for APC Smart-UPS RT 3000VA Tower/Rack-mountable UPS

Highlights for APC Smart-UPS RT 3000VA Tower/Rack-mountable UPS

  • Load Capacity:3000VA
  • Form Factor:3U Tower/Rack Mountable
  • Product Type:Dual Conversion Online UPS
  • Input Voltage:110V AC

Marketing Information

APC Smart-UPS RT SURTA3000RMXL3U belongs to a family of high-density, performance UPSs for voice and data networks, medical labs and light industrial applications.

General Information

  • Manufacturer
  • : American Power Conversion Corp
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • : SURTA3000RMXL3U
  • Manufacturer Website Address
  • : www.apc.com
  • Product Type
  • : Dual Conversion Online UPS
  • Product Line
  • : Smart-UPS
  • Product Series
  • : RT
  • Product Name
  • : Smart-UPS RT 3000VA Tower/Rack-mountable UPS
  • Brand Name
  • : APC

    Technical Information

  • Plug/Connector Type
  • : NEMA L5-30P
  • Receptacles
  • : 6 x NEMA 5-15R - Backup/Surge-protected

    Battery Information

  • Batteries
  • : Spill Proof, Maintenance Free Sealed Lead-acid
  • Backup/Run Time
  • : 14.1 Minute 2100W Full-load
  • Battery Recharge Time
  • : 2.5 Hour Typical


  • Bypass Switch
  • : Internal
  • Emergency Power OFF
  • : Yes

    Power Description

  • Filtering
  • : Full time multi-pole noise filtering : 0.3% IEEE surge let-through : zero clamping response time
  • Load Capacity
  • : 3000VA/2100W
  • Input Voltage
  • : 110V AC
  • Input Voltage Range
  • : 120V AC Nominal
  • Output Voltage
  • : 120V AC Nominal
  • Frequency
  • : 50Hz

    Environmental Conditions


    Package Contents

  • Smart-UPS RT 1500VA Tower/Rack-mountable UPS
  • CD with software
  • Documentation CD
  • Rack Mounting support rails
  • Smart UPS signalling RS-232 cable
  • USB cable
  • User Manual
  • 2 x Battery Module

    Certifications & Standards

    CSA, FCC Part 15 Class B, UL 1778, UL 1449

    Physical Characteristics

  • Form Factor
  • : 3U Tower/Rack Mountable
  • Dimensions
  • : 5.1" Height x 17" Width x 26" Depth
  • Weight
  • : 120 lb


  • Parts Warranty/Labor
  • : 2 Year
  • Standard Warranty
  • : 2 Year


  • Interfaces/Ports
  • : DB-9 RS-232
  • Modular Slots
  • : 1 x SmartSlot


    Learn More About APC Smart-UPS RT 3000VA Tower/Rack-mountable UPS

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    • APC Smart-UPS SURTA3000RMXL3U

      The APC Smart-UPS SURTA3000RMXL3U provides online, double-conversion power protection and reliable battery backup ideal for servers, voice/data networks, medical labs, and light industrial applications. This versatile UPS was developed for unstable power conditions, offering the high-power density necessary to support power-hungry, business-critical devices. The addition of hot-swappable plug-and-play battery packs allows the Smart-UPS SURTA3000RMXL3U to scale instantly, supporting critical electronic devices for hours, not minutes, when power conditions are severe. The accompanying free PowerChute Network Shutdown management software provides convenient monitoring and control of your UPS including safe operating system shutdown if the unit is unattended.

      With a 2,100-watt/3,000-volt ampere output power capacity, advanced management features, and intelligent battery management maximizing runtime, this rack/tower convertible UPS offers proven performance for the most challenging power conditions.

      At a Glance:

      • Provides instant, clean power to critical electronic devices during a power outage
      • 8 battery and surge-protected outlets ensure connected electronics are backed-up and protected
      • Scalable, uninterrupted runtime with addition of hot-swappable batteries
      • Intuitive 16-segment LED display with easy-to-understand indicators
      • The pure sine wave output while on battery provides the highest degree of compatibility for active PFC (power factor corrected) servers and sensitive electronics
      • Includes hardware for easy rackmount installation
      • PowerChute Network Shutdown software for UPS management, safe system shutdown, and energy management
      • SmartSlot for equipping APC Network Management Cards (NMCs) that allow you to remotely customize and manage the UPS
      • Adaptable rackmount/tower design
      • Includes hardware for easy rackmount installation
      • Two-year limited warranty
    • Package Contents

      • APC Smart-UPS SURTA3000RMXL3U
      • Rack mounting brackets
      • Rack mounting support rails
      • PowerChute Network Shutdown software CD
      • Smart-UPS signaling RS-232 cable
      • User manual
    • Versatile Power Solution for Demanding Applications

      Capable of supporting large power loads such as server racks and medical lab equipment, the APC Smart-UPS SURTA3000RMXL3U is designed for reliable use during unstable and severe power conditions. This UPS offers reliable battery backup to up to eight connected devices. Double-conversion architecture provides tight voltage regulation, frequency regulation, and zero transfer time to the battery during challenging power events.

      Clean and Uninterrupted Power
      This APC Smart-UPS supplies network-grade power conditioning to protect connected devices from damaging surges, spikes, lightning, and disruptive noise. Connected equipment will receive clean, uninterrupted power, even when generator power is being used. The SURTA3000RMXL3U can also be configured with hot-swappable plug-and-play batteries to instantly extend runtime when critical systems require long periods of battery backup.
    • Intelligent Battery Management for Proactive UPS Management

      The APC Smart-UPS SURTA3000RMXL3U is equipped to maximize battery life by regulating charge voltage according to battery temperature and conducting automatic periodic self-tests. These self-tests dynamically assess the current conditions of your UPS battery and notify you of any impending replacements, effectively enabling you to proactively manage your IT environment so you and your business can more easily avoid downtime. An advanced 16-segment LED display quickly shows unit and power status that can be understood easily through visual indicators.

      Rack-Tower Convertible for Easy Installation
      The APC Smart-UPS SURTA3000RMXL3U easily converts between tower and rackmount installation, letting you choose the right setup for your individual needs and protecting your initial investment if you need to switch environments.

      PowerChute Software for Simple Management and Control
      The accompanying PowerChute Network Shutdown software provides UPS management, safe system shutdown, and innovative energy management capabilities for your APC Smart-UPS SURTA3000RMXL3U. In the event of an extended power outage, graceful unattended shutdown ensures no information is lost and time to recovery is minimized.

      2-Year Warranty
      This Smart-UPS SURTA3000RMXL3U is covered by a two-year limited warranty to repair or replace the unit.

    Estimated Runtime for Internal Battery

    Runtime Estimates at Half and Full Load (minutes)

    UPS VA

    1000 (120V)

    1500 (120V)

    2200 (120V)

    3000 (120V)









    (1) Battery Pack









    (2) Battery Packs 









    (3) Battery Packs 









    (4) Battery Packs 










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