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Product Information for Ergotron SLA-TO-LIFE PWR SYS-CNVRSN

Highlights for Ergotron SLA-TO-LIFE PWR SYS-CNVRSN


  • Includes a new 150W Power Module, 40 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) Battery, User Interface, Battery Cable Harness, New Base Cover and recycling of SLA components
  • Very Lightweight: Replacing SLA-based power with a new LiFe system enables a weight reduction of more than 30 lbs / 13.6 kg. This significantly improves maneuverability of the cart
  • Fast Recharge: LiFe can recharge from a full discharge in 2.0–2.5 hours vs. 6–8 hours for comparable SLA battery
  • Long Runtimes: A LiFe battery can be discharged to zero without battery degradation. This provides a runtime that is slightly longer than Ergotron’s 66 Ah SLA system, which should not be fully discharged
  • Longer Battery Cycle Life: The LiFe battery is expected to last more than 3000 cycles, which offers a lifetime of 3 years or more, vs. a few hundred cycles for an SLA battery
Technical Specifications
  • Part Number: SRVC-LiFeC-SV42
  • Description: SLA-to-LiFe Power System Conversion Service for SV42 EMR Carts
  • Ten-cart minimum, price is per cart
  • Applicable only to Ergotron SV42 EMR Carts
Service procedure
  • SLA power system components are uninstalled
  • Removal of the TUV certification label, as the cart on longer qualifies for cart level certification. However, the 150 W Power Module and LiFe Battery are both UL Certified
  • Any customer hardware that needs to be moved or removed will be re-installed
  • Install the new LiFe power system components
  • Re-cable as required
  • Re-serialize the cart
  • Power up and verify function of the newly converted integrated cart
  • Remove and recycle all SLA power system components
  • Thirty- (30) day service warranty for the on-site conversion
  • New 150W Power Module warranty is two (2) years from installation
  • Five- (5) year warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects on Ergotron installed LiFe batteries. Ergotron installed LiFe Batteries are covered at 100% for the first three years; coverage for the final two years is prorated (refer to Further Exclusions and Limitations section of the Ergotron Warranty on website)
  • Performance warranty for the Ergotron installed LiFe Batteries is two- (2) years or 1200 cycles, whichever comes first (refer to Further Exclusions and Limitations section)
  • One- (1) year warranty on all service-installed electronic, non-power-supply components (excludes AA batteries)