Airmar P79 In-Hull Transducer For Raymarine A Series
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Product Information for Airmar P79 In-Hull Transducer For Raymarine A Series

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The P79 is a 50/200kHz fishfinder transducer that mounts inside a hull - no hole is needed in the hull. The active element mounts in a small round tank (included) which is epoxied to the hull and filled with antifreeze. This transducer is for use with solid fiberglass hulls only. Cored hulls will impede the signal. This unit cannot measure water temperature.
All P79s are now made as a generic 'mix and match' (MM) transducer with a short 2M pigtail ending in an Airmar 5-pin connector. Adapter cables connect to the pigtail and terminate in a connector that is specific to a brand of sounder or fishfinder. The total cable length with adapter installed is 10 meters. You can replace the adapter cable at a later time if you change your sounder, without having to replace the transducer.

This item consists of the MM transducer plus an adapter cable with a Raymarine A-Series connector as used on both the A-Series and the DSM25.

Use version P79-RAY for the DSM30 and DSM300.

Product Features

  • In-hull unit with plastic housing
  • Frequency 50/200 kHz
  • Beam cone 45 deg at 50 kHz, 12 deg at 200 kHz
  • Maximum depth range 800-1200 ft at 50 kHz, 400-700 ft at 200kHz
  • RMS power 600W
  • Adjusts to hull deadrise angles of 2 deg to 22 deg
  • Tank should be epoxied to hull
  • Tank should be filled with non-toxic antifreeze (propylene glycol). Do not use mineral oil.
  • Transducer screws into top of tank as shown
  • Can be used in aluminum hulls under 0.38mm thick (0.150")
  • Can be used in RIBs
  • Can be used in sailboats with solid glass hulls
  • MM version can be adapted to any brand of sounder