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Samsung 5K High Yield Black Toner Cartridge CLP-620ND CLP-670ND
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Product Information for Samsung 5K High Yield Black Toner Cartridge CLP-620ND CLP-670ND

Highlights for Samsung 5K High Yield Black Toner Cartridge CLP-620ND CLP-670ND

  • Print Color:Black
  • Typical Print Yield:5000 Page
  • Ink Volume:Not Applicable

General Information

  • Product Type: Toner Cartridge
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CLT-K508L
  • Manufacturer Website Address: www.samsungusa.com
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Product Name: High Yield Toner Cartridge
  • Brand Name: Samsung
  • Miscellaneous


    Samsung Printers:
  • CLP-620ND
  • CLP-670ND
  • Physical Characteristics

    Technical Information

  • Ink Volume: Not Applicable
  • Print Color: Black
  • Print Technology: Laser
  • Ribbon Length: Not Applicable
  • Ribbon Width: Not Applicable
  • Typical Print Yield: 5000 Page
  • Warranty

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    Black toner cartridge for CLP-620ND, CLP-670ND & CLP-670N; 5,000 page

    Samsung Original Laser Printer Supplies are designed, along with Samsung printers, to maximize image quality and printer performance. Through continuous design improvements, Samsung Original Supplies will always provide the best value, performance and reliability.

    Product Features

    • NO NOIS™

      Imagine a printer that operates quietly and allows you to concentrate on other important tasks while it prints. The NO NOIS™ engine design means the toner is stored in a fixed cartridge mechanism, eliminating noise and vibration. It also simplifies toner changes - there are no heavy toners to change, just small, easy-to-access toner bottles.
    • unique toner design

      Samsung printer cartridges are the smallest and lightest in their class, ideal for personal, small or home office users.
    • genuine quality

      Enjoy consistent print results .With Samsung supplies you're virtually guaranteed high quality pages without any defects.
    • security label

      Samsung supplies include a color-changing security label that proves they are genuine products. When the label is tilted, the color changes from clear to cyan. Plus, the embossed characters change between red gold and blue when seen from different angles. You can also verify its originality by feeling its texture.
    • standardized cartridge

      Each Samsung LaserJet cartridge has been tested to meet ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, which makes it easy to compare toner yields from different manufacturers. With Samsung toner cartridges, you can be confident that you're making an informed buying decision.
    • easy-to-change toner

      No mess. No fuss. Samsung printer cartridges are easy to replace so you can get back to work. Simply follow three easy steps: open the front cabinet, change the cartridge, and close the cabinet. That's all there is to it!
    • automatic toner monitoring system

      Never get stuck on empty again. When toner is running low, the automatic toner monitoring system conveniently notifies you.

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    • CLP-620ND / CLP-670N / CLP-670ND
    • 2.82 lb
    • Black Toner Cartridge for CLP-620ND, CLP-670ND & CLP-670N; 5,000 page yield
    • Samsung Color Laser Supplies are designed to maximize the machine performance. Constantly redesigned and improved Samsung Supplies provide best performance, reliability and outstanding color printing quality. Its unique design & enhanced technology offer
    • 15.87 x 10.95 x 5.52 in
    • Average 5,000 standard pages
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