APC Essential Surgearrest 6out
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Product Information for APC Essential Surgearrest 6out

Highlights for APC Essential Surgearrest 6out

  • Catastrophic event protection
  • Fail safe mode
  • Transformer block spacing
  • Status indicator led's

Lightning and power surges can permanently damage your audio and video electrical equipment. Even small surges can influence the performance of your electronics. The SurgeArrest Essential 6 Outlet 120V will protect your valuable equipment from the threat of bad power.


  • Building wiring fault indicator
  • Catastrophic Event Protection
  • Fail Safe Mode
  • IEEE let-through rating and UL 1449 compliance
  • Lightning and Surge Protection
  • Noise Filtering
  • Protection Working Indicator
  • Status Indicator
  • LED's Surge Protection
  • Transformer Block Spacing

  • Dimensions:11.5" Height x 2.25" Width x 1.5" Depth
  • Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz