Edge Memory 16x64 (128M) PC133 (only) 168Pin 3.3v DIMM
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Product Information for Edge Memory 16x64 (128M) PC133 (only) 168Pin 3.3v DIMM

Highlights for Edge Memory 16x64 (128M) PC133 (only) 168Pin 3.3v DIMM

  • Memory upgrade for PECO Generic PC133

EDGE Memory™ products provide maximum power, speed, quality and reliability. The distinctive blue EDGE is Peripheral's assurance that users have purchased a high quality and reliable memory upgrade.

EDGE Memory™ allows users to maximize system performance resulting in quicker document rendering, faster Internet downloads, quicker saves and loads, and rapid game play.

EDGE Memory™ upgrades are the fastest way to upgrade your computer system and are perfect for virtually every computer system. Peripheral's technical support teams are extremely knowledgeable and can help customers find the upgrade that is perfect for their system.

EDGE Memory™ offers key benefits such as..

  • EDGE Memory™ modules are ENGINEERED TO EXACT OEM SPECIFICATIONS. Peripheral guarantees 100% performance and compatibility with your computer. Peripheral is Intel Certified and a member of the Apple Developer Program.
  • EDGE Memory™ modules are built with PREMIUM COMPONENTS. Only first quality, branded components from the world's major manufacturers are used in manufacturing EDGE Memory™ modules. All modules are built to strict JEDEC standards.
  • EDGE Memory™ modules are TESTED TWICE FOR QUALITY. Each and every single module built is tested twice to insure absolute quality and reliability. Modules do not receive the distinguishing blue EDGE until they have passed strict quality testing system. Over 99.8% of all EDGE Memory™ modules pass rigorous testing process.
  • EDGE Memory™ modules are backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If your memory ever fails to work perfectly due to defects in materials or workmanship, Peripheral will repair or replace it for free.
  • EDGE Memory™ modules come with LIFETIME TOLL-FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Peripheral offers a friendly and knowledgeable technical support team to help with installation of your memory upgrade or to answer questions about other memory products.