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Document Scanning with GoScan Lite
Many organizations rely on paper-driven business processes that originate at a remote location but must be completed elsewhere. Instead of shipping or routing documents to a central site, images can be created and sent to a central location using a remote/distributed scanning environment that is more timely and cost effective.

  • GoScan Lite is a scanning program that anyone can use and any organization can afford.
  • GoScan Lite provides all the functionality you need to drive any TWAIN scanner and send the images to a network or FTP location.
  • GoScan Lite is a perfect fit for remote and distributed scanning processes
GoScan's clean interface allows the scanner operator to complete jobs without the need to constantly reconfigure scanner and job settings. Within minutes of clicking on a setup wizard to self-install the application, users will be up and running with a production level scanning process.
  • Step 1) Load paper on to the scanner's document feeder
  • Step 2) Select image destination location
  • Step 2) Click the big green scan button
  • Step 3) Unload scanned pages
  • Repeat all steps until scanning is complete.
It's that easy.

GoScan Lite outputs standard TIFF Group 4 images that can be used by most imaging products and tools. Scanning to a local folder on the hard drive can be accomplished with a few mouse clicks. The same process can be used to scan images to a network folder or FTP (file transfer protocol) site.

Existing Windows user names and passwords protect the application from non authorized users scanning and processing information. Transferring files with GoScan Lite utilizes security measures employed by an organization. The image destination location can be hard coded to ensure compliance with confidentiality and legal requirements. This can also prevent image files from being routed mistakenly to an unsecured location.

Product Requirements

  • Intel Pentium III based processor running 600 MHz or higher
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or above
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 or above
  • 500 MB free hard-drive space for complete installation
  • 256 MB RAM
  • VGA color or better monitor
  • TWAIN compatible scanner or fax server
  • Compatible database or content management system
  • Internet connection at dial up or better speed
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Free USB port