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D-link Xtreme N DIR-655 Gigabit Router
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Product Information for D-link Xtreme N DIR-655 Gigabit Router

Highlights for D-link Xtreme N DIR-655 Gigabit Router

  • Transmission Speed:54Mbps
  • Wireless Technology:IEEE 802.11b/g
  • Interfaces/Ports:4 x RJ-45 10/100/1000Base-TX LAN
  • Wireless Security:
  • Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2)
  • WEP encryption length: 64/128-bit

Marketing Information

The Xtreme N DIR-655 Gigabit Router is IEEE 802.11n (draft) compliant device that delivers 14x faster speeds and 6x faster range than IEEE 802.11g while staying backward compatible with IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11b devices. Connect the Xtreme N DIR-655 Gigabit Router to a cable or DSL modem and provide high-speed internet access to multiple computers/ game consoles, and media players. Create a secure wireless network to share photos, files, music, videos, printers and network storage.


Certifications & Standards

  • CE
  • Wi-Fi
  • FCC Class B
  • IEEE 802.11b
  • IEEE 802.11g
  • IEEE 802.11n (draft)


  • Standard Warranty
  • : 1 Year(s) Limited

    General Information

  • Manufacturer
  • : D-Link Systems, Inc.
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • : DIR-655
  • Product Line
  • : Xtreme N
  • Product Name
  • : Xtreme N DIR-655 Gigabit Router
  • Product Type
  • : Wireless Router
  • Product Model
  • : DIR-655

    Wireless Specifications

  • Wireless Technology
  • : IEEE 802.11b/g
  • Antenna
  • : 3 x Detachable
  • Frequency Band/Bandwidth
  • : 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g ISM Band
  • Transmission Speed
  • : 54Mbps
  • Transmission Speed Details
  • : 54Mbps Auto-fallback IEEE 802.11g
  • Wireless Security
  • :
  • Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2)
  • WEP encryption length: 64/128-bit


  • Interfaces/Ports
  • : 4 x RJ-45 10/100/1000Base-TX LAN

    Media & Performance

  • Connectivity Media
  • : Category 5 Twisted Pair
  • Data Transfer Rate
  • : 10Mbps Ethernet

    I/O Expansions

  • Expansion Slots
  • : Not Applicable

    Network & Communication

    Management & Protocols

  • Security
  • :
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
  • VPN pass-through/multi-session PPTP/L2TP/IP Sec

    Processor & Chipset





    Power Description

    Environmental Conditions

    Physical Characteristics

  • Form Factor
  • : Wall-mountable
  • Dimensions
  • : 1.2" Height x 4.6" Width x 7.6" Depth
  • Weight
  • : 0.7 lb


    Package Contents

  • Xtreme N DIR-655 Gigabit Router
  • 3 Detachable Antennas
  • CAT5 Ethernet Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • CD-ROM with (Installation Wizard, Product Documentation)

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    • Description

      Connect any USB device AND give 4 of your favorite devices their own Gigabit Ethernet port - get comprehensive, high-performance wireless coverage to any device, anywhere in your home.

      D-Link's Xtreme N® products provide 14x faster and 6x farther range than 802.11g. In simple terms: a noticeably stronger connection at distance.
      Always on and with no moving parts: set it and forget it.
      D-Link's Quick Router Setup Wizard walks you through every step of installation, making it easy to create your network!
      Why D-Link?:
      We are proud of our products and value our relationships with our customers. Take a look at the and section to read what customers and the experts are saying about our Xtreme N Gigabit Router.
      With the DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router You Can:
      • Enjoy greater Wi-Fi coverage for your entire home or home office at incredible speeds.
      • Easily connect computers, game consoles and media players to the internet.
      • Share USB devices like printers and storage with all the users on your network with D-Link's SharePort™ Technology
      • Enjoy uninterrupted service with QoS Technology.

      The D-Link Xtreme N™ Gigabit Router delivers up to 14x faster speeds1 and 6x farther range1 than 802.11g and is completely compatible with wireless 802.11g devices. Connect the Xtreme N Gigabit Router to a cable or DSL modem and provide high-speed Internet access to multiple computers, game consoles, and media players or create a secure wireless network to share photos, files, music, videos, printers, and network storage. With wireless prioritization technology and our award-winning intelligent QoS engine, jitter-free Internet phone calls (VoIP), high-definition video streaming and Web gaming are achievable on your wired and wireless networks.

      Powered by Xtreme N™ technology and equipped with three external antennas, this router provides superior wireless coverage for larger homes and offices, or for users running bandwidth-intensive applications. The DIR-655 also includes 4 Gigabit ports that connect to Gigabit wired devices for enjoying lag-free network gaming and faster file transfers.

      D-Link has created SharePort™ technology to bring more flexibility to your network. With SharePort technology you can connect a USB printer or storage device to your router and allow users to access them from anywhere on the network. Conveniently turn your existing USB printers and storage devices into network devices for everyone to share.

      The D-Link Quick Router Setup Wizard quickly configures your new DIR 655 Router to get you up and running in minutes. Our Setup Wizard walks you step-by-step through the installation process to configure your Internet connection, wireless network settings, security, and everything else you need to get your network up and running so you do not have to be a networking expert to get it set up.

      The Xtreme N Gigabit Router supports the latest wireless security features to help prevent unauthorized access, be it from over a wireless network or from the Internet. Support for WPA™ and WPA2™ standards ensure that you will be able to use the best possible encryption regardless of your client devices. In addition, this Xtreme N router utilizes Dual Active Firewalls (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks from across the Internet for the ideal centerpiece for your wireless network in the home or office.
    • IPV6 Ready: Get Ready for the Future

      With the growing number of Internet-enabled applications requiring IP addresses, the supply of IP addresses under the current Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) system has already been exhausted. The IPv6 protocol solves this network addressing exhaustion by creating more IP addresses, but migration from IPv4 to IPv6 is not necessarily automatic. But, you don't need to worry about service interruption if you go with D-Link products that are IPv6 Certified. Your network will be automatically IPv4 and IPv6 ready when you use an IPv6-certified D-Link product like his one. With D-Link products, you can rest assured that you'll be covered for the current and the new standards without any hassle to you.

      D-Link Green™ devices are about providing eco-friendly alternatives without compromising performance. They are designed to help conserve energy, protect our environment from harmful substances, and reduce waste by using recyclable packaging.

      Automatically powers down ports that have no link
      • Budgets power output for different Ethernet cable lengths
      • Includes wireless LAN scheduling, which can shut down your wireless network when not in use for further power savings
      • Reduces energy consumption by using an Energy Star® qualified power adapter

      • Complies with the European Union's RoHS directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous materials
      • Uses recyclable packaging to help reduce waste that goes into the environment
    • D-Link’s Xtreme N router was rigorously tested and verified for compatibility with Intel’s Next-Gen Wireless N,utilizing intensive real-world testing conducted in typical home and enterprise environment scenarios. In Intel’s testing process, which was conducted over the period of several months, D-Link’s Xtreme N router met or exceeded Intel’s requirements for performance, extended range, co-existence with other 802.11b/g clients and access points, and the ability to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots.
    • Intel, the Intel Inside Logo, Intel Centrino and the Intel Centrino logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.


    • Speeds Up to 14x Faster than Wireless G1
    • Greater Coverage for Your Entire Home or Office
    • Intelligent QoS Technology for Superior VoIP and Online Gaming
    • Connect Computers, Game Consoles, or Media Players to the Web
    • Gigabit Ports for Incredible Wired Network Speeds
    • D-Link Green Product (hardware version A3 or later)
    • Includes SharePort™ technology2 for Sharing USB Devices like Printers and Storage over Your Network


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Content","isAdaCompliant":true},{"sources":[{"src":"/_wc/cp/products/DIR-655/tab-5991defd-c801-4a06-83b3-6b3314d148aa/resource-778cf611-c032-41dc-bac3-35875b024635.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960","width":500,"height":387},{"src":"/_wc/cp/products/DIR-655/tab-5991defd-c801-4a06-83b3-6b3314d148aa/resource-778cf611-c032-41dc-bac3-35875b024635.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480","width":480,"height":371},{"src":"/_wc/cp/products/DIR-655/tab-5991defd-c801-4a06-83b3-6b3314d148aa/resource-778cf611-c032-41dc-bac3-35875b024635.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240","width":240,"height":185}],"src":{"src":"/_wc/cp/products/DIR-655/tab-5991defd-c801-4a06-83b3-6b3314d148aa/resource-778cf611-c032-41dc-bac3-35875b024635.jpg","width":500,"height":387},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_wc/cp/products/DIR-655/tab-5991defd-c801-4a06-83b3-6b3314d148aa/resource-778cf611-c032-41dc-bac3-35875b024635.jpg.web.jpg","width":500,"height":387},"assetWrapper":"image-gallery","caption":"Package","isAdaCompliant":true},{"sources":[{"src":"/_wc/cp/products/DIR-655/tab-5991defd-c801-4a06-83b3-6b3314d148aa/resource-96b287a8-4133-4d11-bd2d-2126291b28b6.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960","width":500,"height":203},{"src":"/_wc/cp/products/DIR-655/tab-5991defd-c801-4a06-83b3-6b3314d148aa/resource-96b287a8-4133-4d11-bd2d-2126291b28b6.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480","width":480,"height":194},{"src":"/_wc/cp/products/DIR-655/tab-5991defd-c801-4a06-83b3-6b3314d148aa/resource-96b287a8-4133-4d11-bd2d-2126291b28b6.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240","width":240,"height":97}],"src":{"src":"/_wc/cp/products/DIR-655/tab-5991defd-c801-4a06-83b3-6b3314d148aa/resource-96b287a8-4133-4d11-bd2d-2126291b28b6.jpg","width":500,"height":203},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_wc/cp/products/DIR-655/tab-5991defd-c801-4a06-83b3-6b3314d148aa/resource-96b287a8-4133-4d11-bd2d-2126291b28b6.jpg.web.jpg","width":500,"height":203},"assetWrapper":"image-gallery","caption":"Family","isAdaCompliant":true}]}


    • IEEE 802.11n
    • IEEE 802.11g
    • IEEE 802.3
    • IEEE 802.3u
    Interface Type
    • 4 Gigabit LAN Ports
    • 1 Gigabit WAN Port
    • Push Button (for Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
    • USB Port (for SharePort™ & Windows® Connect Now)
    Antenna Type
    • 3 External Antenna
    • Wi-Fi Protected Access™ (WPA™, WPA2™)
    Advanced Firewall Features
    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
    • VPN Pass-through / Multi-sessions PPTP / L2TP / IPSec
    Device Management
    • Internet Explorer® v6 or Later; Mozilla® Firefox® v1.5 or Later; or other Java-enabled Browsers
    • Power
    • Status
    • WAN
    • WLAN (Wireless Connection)
    • LAN (10/100/1000)
    • USB
    • FCC Class B
    • CE
    • Wi-Fi®/WPS
    • Item (WxDxH): 4.6" x 7.6" x 1.2"
    • Packaging (WxDxH): 8.1" x 10.9" x 2.6"
    • Item: 0.7 lbs
    • Packaging: 2.0 lbs
    • 1 Year Limited3
    Recommended System Requirements
    • For Optimal Wireless Performance:
      Use with Xtreme N Adapters (DWA-552, DWA-556, DWA-643, or DWA-652)
    Minimum System Requirements
    • Computer with:
      • Windows Vista™4 , Windows® XP SP24 or Mac OS® X (v10.4)5
      • Internet Explorer® v6 or Mozilla® Firefox® v1.5
      • CD-ROM Drive
      • Network Interface Card
    • For Internet Access:
      • Cable or DSL Modem
      • Subscription with an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    Package Contents
    • Xtreme N™ Gigabit Router
    • 3 Detachable Antennas
    • CAT5 Ethernet Cable
    • Power Adapter
    • CD-ROM6 with:
      • Installation Wizard
      • Product Documentation

    All references to speed are for comparison purposes only. Product specifications, size and shape are subject to change without notice, and actual product appearance may differ from that depicted herein.

    Data Sheet

    1. 1 Maximum wireless signal rate derived from IEEE Standard 802.11g and 802.11n specifications. Actual data throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, buildings materials and construction, and network overhead, lower actual data throughput rate. Environmental factors will adversely affect wireless signal range. Wireless range and speed rates are D-Link RELATIVE performance measurements based on the wireless range and speed rates of a standard Wireless G product from D-Link. Maximum throughput based on D-Link 802.11n devices.
    2. 2 Requires SharePort Client Utility installation on the PC. SharePort upgrade is available for the hardware versions A2, A3, A4, B1. Windows Vista and the Windows logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
    3. 3 1-Year Warranty available only in the U.S.A and Canada.
    4. 4 Computer must adhere to Microsoft's recommended System Requirements.
    5. 5 The software included with this product is not Mac-compatible.
    6. 6 Latest software and documentation are available at
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