NEC Projector Lamp for NP60
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Product Information for NEC Projector Lamp for NP60

Highlights for NEC Projector Lamp for NP60

  • Lamp Life:2000 Hour
  • Lamp Power:220 W

It'd be a shame if your business or academic presentation were to be ruined by a burned out lamp. It would also be a shame if a crazed goat burst into the conference room or lecture hall and began mauling the audience, further ruining your presentation. We may not be able to do anything about the goat, but we can help with the burned out projector lamp. This NEC Replacement Lamp for NP60 gives you 220 watts of power and 2000-3000 hours of lamp life, so your images and video are projected in clear, bright detail for a long time.


  • Device Type: Replacement Projector Lamp
  • Wattage: 220W
  • Lamp Life: 2000-3000 Hours
  • Compatibility: NEC NP60 Multimedia Projector