Typehaus Inc CheckJet Solution for QuickBooks Check Printing
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Highlights for Typehaus Inc CheckJet Solution for QuickBooks Check Printing

Eliminate the time consuming task of hand signing checks. CheckJet automatically and securely signs QuickBooks checks as they print. Your signature is encryped on a removable secure card. When you are ready to print checks, simply insert the secure card into the CheckJet and your signature will electronically overlay onto your pre-printed check stock as you print.

The CheckJet™ is a MICR check printing software solution designed exclusively for QuickBooks® users. The CheckJet provides control of the way your business prints checks and enhances security at the same time. The CheckJet is an external printer device that laser prints checks directly from QuickBooks in a very cost effective and secure manner. The CheckJet is a universal business check printing device that works with all MICR laser printers.

how it works

The CheckJet device provides laser check printing security by utilizing blank check paper versus pre-printed checks for QuickBooks. The CheckJet is packaged in a very small enclosure that has an Ethernet input and output port. The CheckJet is placed in between the host connection to the printer and the printer's Ethernet port, using the Ethernet in and Ethernet out ports of the CheckJet.

The CheckJet device comes ready to use with QuickBooks and is supplied with 500 blank checks. Click here to select the blank check stock best suited for your company.

When the secure CheckJet memory card is inserted, the resources on the card are automatically downloaded to the printer. Printer resources include company logo, MICR font, check overlay and electronic signature. The CheckJet secure memory card contains all sensitive information and must be inserted to perform check printing from QuickBooks. The CheckJet is preconfigured to identify QuickBooks check printing. During the standard print routine, the original QuickBooks output data stream remains unchanged. The data is merged with the customized TypeHaus created check form and a perfectly printed check is generated using the supplied blank check stock.

After printing corporate checks, simply remove the CheckJet secure memory card and place it in a secure location. This makes it impossible for anyone other than authorized personnel to print your valid corporate checks.

Printer Requirements
The TypeHaus QuickJet supports standard "off-the shelf" laser printers from virtually any company, including Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, IBM and Xerox, which support magnetic ink toner (MICR toner).

No need for spending thousand of dollars on special MICR printers.

CheckJet Complete Solution

  • Includes:
    • Customized with check form design
    • Customized with 1 or 2 optional signatures
    • 500 sheets blank check stock
    • Discount on starter MICR toner cartridge
    • No workstation licensing requirements
  • Customization with additional check forms and signatures is an available option.
  • Compatability:
    Compatible with most LaserJet and MFP networked connected printers supporting PCL5 using QuickBooks Simple Start, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise