ACR Electronics ACR RCL75 Spotlight 12V
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RCL-75 Searchlight w/Point Pad - 12V

  • Dual lamp design provides redundancy, reliability-works when you need it
  • Bright, powerful halogen beam with 3 h x 5 w beam spread
  • Easy-to-install Point Pad-style joystick control
  • Robust, function-and feature-rich searchlight is easy to install
  • 7-wire wiring harness, 17' length
  • Electronics located in water-resistant light head, instead of traditional light base location, for protection from water accumulation
  • 45° down pitch ocular design provides enhanced visibility when docking
  • 18° up pitch to illuminate draw bridge towers, etc.
  • Lamps easily replaced by removing top cap to access rear light assembly
  • Desiccated filter dries air; protects reflector and light assembly
  • Innovative "direct drive" system eliminates uncontrolled light movement in choppy conditions
  • Heavy-duty gear teeth and electric motors

Size:  7.5" x 8.75" x 7.5"(19.1 x 22.2 x 19.1 cm)
Weight:  4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)
COLOR:  White, UV protected
OPERATION:  Remote controlled Point Pad
ACCESSORIES:  Recessed/Surface mount Point Pad remote control; replacement bulb Product No. 9403;
Replacement light assembly Product No. 9404
Secondary Point Pad (P/N 9428)
Stackable 1" riser (P/N 9427)
2nd station cable harness (P/N 9426)
Second station harness adapter(P/N 9442)

BEAM ANGLE:  3°vertical, 7° horizontal
ELEVATION ANGLE:  63o vertical (18o up, 45o down)
ROTATION SPEED:  6-7° per second,
ELEVATION SPEED:  6-7° per second (12 VDC)
DUAL LAMPS:  High intensity 55W Halogen, 2 each
UNITS PER CARTON:  1, complete  with cable, point pad and special wrench/screwdriver. Special shapeable 1" riser plate available.