Namco 11055 Ridge Racer Unbounded
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Marketing Information

The RIDGE RACER series takes off in a new direction with RIDGE RACER Unbounded. Join the Unbounded team, a group of lawless badass racers, terrorizing the streets of Shatter Bay and expand your ever growing territory. Drive & Destroy everything in your path to create new areas that were once off limits. Go online to Dominate and race an unlimited supply of user created maps.

Product Information

  • Network Compatible: Yes
  • Release Date: 2012-03-06
  • Game Expansion Pack: No
  • Service Information

    General Information

  • Product Type: Software
  • Distribution Media/Method: Blu-ray Disc
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 11055
  • Manufacturer Website Address:
  • Manufacturer: Namco
  • Product Name: RIDGE RACER Unbounded
  • Brand Name: Namco
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    Dolby Digital 5.1

    Physical Characteristics

    Product Information

  • Platform Supported: PlayStation 3
  • Features:


    • Use your car as a high-octane wreaking machine to plow through buildings, pillars, trucks and much more. Nothing is safe and everything can be destroyed!


    • Dominate other players in the RIDGE RACER Unbounded multiplayer modes. Challenge your friends to online races and show them what you're made of.

    City Creator:

    • With the City Creator the racing never ends. Create the tons of new tracks to race on your own to share with fans all over the world.

    The Unbounded:

    • The Unbounded, a gang of badass drivers lead by the mysterious Kara Shindo, are out to take Shatter Bay over, join them and make a name for yourself by demonstrating your skills.


    • The streets of Shatter Bay are your playground. Battle from district to district to control the whole city in the exciting campaign mode.
  • Software Name: RIDGE RACER Unbounded
  • Software Sub Type: Racing Game
  • Software Main Type: Game
  • ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)
  • Rating Descriptor: Mild Language
  • Minimum Number of Players Supported: 1
  • Maximum Number of Players Supported: 12
  • Multiplayer Supported: Yes
  • Player Connectivity Mode: Online
  • Single Player Supported: Yes