Elo Touch Systems C3 POS Terminal
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  • Operating System:Genuine Windows 7 Professional
  • Processor Speed:3 GHz

22C3 All-in-One Desktop Touchcomputer (IntelliTouch Plus Touch Technology, Windows 7 Pro, Worldwide, Antiglare Surface Treatment)

The Elo TouchSystems C-Series All-in-One touchcomputer platform leverages the same quality, performance, configurations and design as our popular B-Series 15 and 17 POS touchcomputer systems. The C-Series offers bigger, brighter displays in a wide-aspect ratio. This makes the C-Series an excellent choice for retail point-of-information, countertop product demonstration or customer information systems. In addition, hospitality host and seating systems that depend on an accurate display of restaurant layouts can utilize the wide screen of the C-Series and the additional screen space available to display their seating/floorspace.

The C-Series touchcomputers bring flexibility with your choice of configuration and connectivity, serviceability with easy access to key components, and a choice in processing power. In addition, an array of field-installable peripherals, spill-resistant sealing, and a selection of input/output port connection options make the C-Series both versatile and powerful. It is designed with your future in mind, allowing easy field serviceability of all of the main components.

Product Description

  • Elo 22C3 Touchcomputer, 22-Inch, 3.0GHz Core2 Duo, ITouch (Surface Acoustic Wave), Clear Glass, Zero-Bezel, Single-Touch, Windows 7 Pro, Grey