CAS Corporation POS Scale Price Computing No., 30lb PC Interface 28 Preset Keys
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CAS AP-1 price computing legal for trade and portion control electronic digital scales available at discount prices to the public.  Whether you're a small one person farm stand or a national grocery store chain we offer the same deep discount prices to all that find us on the internet and "point, click and buy".  Forget those food service equipment, restaurant equipment suppliers or that local scale company that you need to haggle to no end.  "Point, Click and Buy" online and save a barrel of $$$.

The CAS model AP-1 15 (15lb x 0.005lb) price computing scale comes with a full load of features.  Some features included are a stainless steel platter, and a flat spill resistant keyboard.  The customer and operator display are located atop a pole for easy viewing by customer and operator.  Front and rear easy to read bright green tower mounted display has three readouts for Total Price. Weight and Unit Price.

Features include Zero, Tare, Tare Save, PrePack and 200 price look up's with 28 preset price keys are retained in memory for fast lookup of common prices.

Everyone understands the economy is tough and our phone is non-stop with requests for better prices.  Our prices online are the absolute lowest we go whether you are the government or large retail chain store like Walmart.  We offer just one low price to everyone and it is the one you see online.

All we can offer is some alternative models to meet your price demands.  One alternative is purchasing a Used Mettler Toledo PS60 shipping scale.  In this horrendous economy we are seeing local farmers using the PS60 scale as an alternative to the expensive price computing scales.  Sure a price computing scale is better to sell produce, but a used PS60 and a hand calculator or paper and pencil if you are good at math is a lot cheaper.  For those farmer's thinking about using the PS60 to weigh pumpkins, potatoes, peaches, etc you must remember the PS60 will ONLY work on direct AC power (means you need to plug the scale in a wall socket).  The PS60 DOES NOT run off of batteries.

You may want to consider our newest price computing scale, the CAS S-2000 Junior with LCD 60LB WITHOUT POST.  Priced under $250 delivered you can't beat the CAS S-2000 Junior with LCD 60LB WITHOUT POST.


  • Capacity x Readability (lb):     15 lb x 0.005 lb
  • Tare range:     Tare full capacity
  • Weigh modes:    
    • Decimal Pounds ONLY - examples
    • 8 oz would be displayed at 0.50 lbs.
    • 13 1/4 lbs would be displayed as 13.25 lbs.
    • 15 oz is the same as 15/16 or 0.94 lbs.
  • Legal For Trade:    
    • NTEP Approval #95-007A1
    • NTEP Approved Class III Scale
  • Operation temperature:    
    • -10°C~40°C (14°F~104°F)
    • RH less than 85%
  • Scale Dimensions:     13.8 (W) x 16.5 (D) x 20.0 (H) (inches)
  • Weighing Platform:     13.6" x 8.6" removable stainless steel pan
  • PLU:     Price Lookup Units - 28 PLU memory
  • Dimensions of Indicator:     7.0" (H) x 5.5" (W)
  • Height of Display Post:     20" - The post is a fixed height
  • Display:     Bright green vacuum fluorescent display
  • Display Indicators:    
    • Weight - 6 digits
    • Total Price - 5 digits
    • Unit Price- 6 digits
  • Power:     DC power cord ONLY.  This unit DOES NOT run off batteries.  If you need battery power see the DIGI DS 685
  • Included Accessories:     AC Power Cord, manual
  • Warranty:    
    • 24 months limited manufacturer warranty.
    • Warranty return to base - repair facility is in New Jersey
  • Place of Origin:     Korea