HP MFP Digital Sending Software 4.0
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Product Information for HP MFP Digital Sending Software 4.0

Highlights for HP MFP Digital Sending Software 4.0

HP Digital Sending Software 4.0 improves core business processes. Digital sending streamlines critical business document handling and integrates with existing IT infrastructures to maximize return, mitigate risk, and improve performance.


Improve business efficiency

  • Shed those pounds of paper. HP DSS 4.0 is the link you need between your HP multifunction and stand-alone digital sending devices and electronic distribution and storage––the key to a streamlined document capture-process-route system. The software integrates paperwork quickly into existing electronic workflows, so your documents are processed sooner, become more flexible, and remain more readily available.
  • Easily integrate into your existing infrastructure: The software leverages existing IT infrastructure—network authentication, e-mail addresses and fax services—for an increased return on your IT investment.
  • Simplify e-mail addessing with LDAP : LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) support enhances the embedded send to e-mail capability of HP multifunction and stand-alone digital sending devices, allowing access to company directory information such as e-mail addresses and distribution lists. This information is constantly updated and allows users to auto-complete e-mail addresses at the device.
  • Index right the first time with custom keys : Ensure documents get indexed and sent to network folders accurately by using custom keys on HP multifunction and stand-alone digital sending devices. The administrator creates questions that appear on the device’s touch-screen control panel. These prompt the sender to easily select the correct indexing information before the document is scanned, reducing the risk of losing critical documents.
  • Reduce business costs
  • Go digital and save money: Incorporating paper documents into an electronic infrastructure saves money by reducing overhead. The costs of physical storage, manual processes like retyping and centralized scanning, and hardcopy distribution such as analog faxing, postage, and courier services—all become things of the past.
  • Get real text with OCR : Transforming paper documents into electronic text would be laborious without ReadIRIS Optical Character Recognition (OCR). HP DSS 4.0 uses OCR to convert documents from image files to searchable text files in popular formats, including searchable PDF, Microsoft® Word, .TXT files, and HTML. Documents can also be converted into XML, for easy integration into third-party content management applications.
  • Empower your IT administrator : HP DSS 4.0 offers the tracking power to help you troubleshoot intelligently: a LOG file provides event records similar to Windows® event log tracking. The administrator receives e-mail alerts for user and system generated errors.
  • Send digital data securely
  • Trust the secure channel : Selecting the secure send key on the HP device allows a document to be e-mailed securely using supported third party software vendors. The data is encrypted before it leaves the device, protecting it from outside access.
  • Verify users with network identification : Utilize your company’s existing LDAP or NTLM, Novell, or Kerberos network security to verify user identity. You can also allow access at the supported send-to destination, and authentication can be used to limit and track usage by device.
  • Control routing : Before documents are scanned, the software confirms that the indexing data entered is correct. This acts as a safeguard to ensure that documents get sent where they’re intended to go. When the sender enters a programmed destination, mapping appears on the control panel—and if the given indexing information doesn’t match any of the programmed destinations, a text message indicates that the location is incorrect.
  • Leave no trace : Enhanced security features allow the device hard drive to be wiped clean after transmission, providing the utmost protection for your sensitive information.
  • General

  • Provides authentication, send to LANfax, and send to folder/ftp/printer
  • Fully compatible with the 4345/9040/9050/9500mfps and DS9200C
  • Partially compatible with the 4100/4101/9000mfps (provides them with authentication and send to LANfax)
  • Support: Included