Creative E-MU Proteus X2 with E-MU Xmidi 2x2 USB/MIDI Interface
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Product Information for Creative E-MU Proteus X2 with E-MU Xmidi 2x2 USB/MIDI Interface

Highlights for Creative E-MU Proteus X2 with E-MU Xmidi 2x2 USB/MIDI Interface

  • License Type:Complete Product
  • License Pricing:Standard
  • Package Type:Retail
  • License Quantity:1 User

Marketing Information

Proteus X2 is a 24-bit/192kHz software sound module for your PC that combines the sound quality, advanced synthesis and Z-Plane filters of legendary sound modules like the Morpheus and Mo'Phatt with E-MU's latest groundbreaking tools like TwistaLoop, Morph Filter Designer and Multi-Function Generator. Proteus X2 is the culmination of over 15 years of sound module development, and offers an arsenal of unparalleled tools to effortlessly dial in the right sound in seconds.

General Information

  • Manufacturer: Creative Technology, Ltd
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 70EM862806000
  • Manufacturer Website Address:
  • Product Name: E-MU Proteus X2 with E-MU Xmidi 2x2 USB/MIDI Interface
  • Product Type: Software
  • Brand Name: Creative

Product Information

  • Software Sub Type: Multimedia Collection
  • Software Name: E-MU Proteus X2 with E-MU Xmidi 2x2 USB/MIDI Interface - Complete Product
  • Features:
  • Powerful synthesis with over 50 patented Z-Plane filters and 100 tempo-based parameters per preset
  • Standalone (64 MIDI channels) or VSTi operation (16 MIDI channels per instantiation)
  • 24-bit/192kHz Sound Engine supports RAM and streaming playback
  • Integrated effects processors with comprehensive MIDI modulation - up to 67 simultaneous effects
  • 2 in/2 out USB MIDI interface
  • Massive 3GB sound library (1000s of presets including the complete Proteus 2000 soundset) - additional soundsets available
  • TwistaLoop Player is a real-time audio manipulation tool for samples with beat, bar, and loop information that offers real-time audio time expansion/compression, the ability to play different beats or bars from the same sample, the switching in real-time of which loop plays via a continuous controller, and much more
  • TwistaLoop allows you to sync these loops to Proteus X2's master tempo or to external tempo sources (like a VST host)
  • The Morph Filter Designer provides users with filter creation tools that E-MU's sound designers have been using for years to create the legendary morphing Z-Plane filters
  • The Morph Filter Designer now allows the construction of all-new exotic filter types that can be morphed from one type to another in real-time
  • The Multi-Function Generator offers advanced LFO/envelope/arpeggiator programming, providing three function generators per voice that are directly tied into Emulator X2's powerful synthesis architecture (over 100 parameters).
  • These Function Generators have several key sync and direction modes that enable complex levels of control, and can be programmed to modulate pitch, filters, volume, retrigger samples or LFO's, change tempo or trigger other events
  • Distribution Media/Method: CD-ROM
  • Software Main Type: Graphics/Multimedia
  • Platform Support: PC
  • Package Type: Retail
  • Operating System Support: Windows

License Information

  • License Type: Complete Product
  • License Pricing: Standard
  • License Quantity: 1 User


Package Contents

  • E-MU Proteus X2 with E-MU Xmidi 2x2 USB/MIDI Interface
  • Proteus X2 Software/Operation Manual CD-ROM
  • Quick Start Guide for Proteus X2
  • Four Sound CD-ROMs

System Requirements


  • Genuine Intel Pentium III or AMD K6 class or higher operating at 1.5GHz or faster
  • Pentium 4 at 2.4GHz or faster recommended
  • Intel, AMD or 100% compatible motherboard and chipset

Operating System:

  • Windows XP

Hard Disk:

  • 200 MB of free space for minimum installation (3.5GB needed for full sound library installation)
  • 7200 RPM or faster recommended for streaming


  • 512MB System RAM (1GB or greater recommended)

Optical Drive:



  • XVGA Video (1024 X 768)
  • Native USB port (for E-MU Xmidi 2x2 USB/MIDI Interface), or an installed E-MU Digital Audio System, E-MU USB Audio Interface or E-MU Xboard USB/MIDI Controller

Physical Characteristics