Asus Strix Glide Control Gaming Mouse Pad
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Product Information for Asus Strix Glide Control Gaming Mouse Pad

Highlights for Asus Strix Glide Control Gaming Mouse Pad

A gaming mouse pad designed with premium heavy-weave fabric for smooth control and absolute precision

  • Premium heavy-weave fabric:Accurate controlled movement
  • Works with all sensor types and sensitivity: Pixel-precise tracking
  • Fray-resistant design: Embroidered edge for better feel, comfort and durability

Strix Glide Control and Strix Glide Speed are gaming mouse pads, where the Glide Control is finished with a premium, heavy-weave fabric, providing a textured surface for games that require fine control and absolute precision, while the Glide Speed is made with a fine-weave finish that allows the mouse to glide swiftly across the entire pad with very low resistance. Both work with laser or optical mice and are manufactured with fray-resistant edges for durability.