Looxcie LM-0006-00 Windshield Mount - Black
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Product Information for Looxcie LM-0006-00 Windshield Mount - Black

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The Looxcie Windshield Mount is compatible with the Looxcie 2 Camera. The camera attaches to the clip on the tripod head, which connects to the Windshield Mount. The mount attaches to the windshield with a 2.5" suction cup. You can record outside or inside the car, which makes it a great way to capture everything from casual drives to crazy road trip antics. Plus, it affords hands-free recording, so you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. It's also simple to attach and just as easy to remove.

What's Included With This Item

  • Looxcie Windshield Mount
  • Single-Action Lever Suction Cup Mount
  • 2.5" (6.35 cm)
  • Looxcie Tripod Head
  • Looxcie 90 Days Warranty
Key Features
  • Capture your leisurely drives or crazy road trip antics
  • Mount features adjustable single-action lever
  • Attaches to your windshield with 2.5" suction cup
  • Features a tripod head with clip for camera attachment