Lenovo Gobi 4000 Mobile Broadband Verizon for ThinkPad
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The ThinkPad Mobile Broadband option is a wireless WAN-ready option that provides a cost-efficient remote access solution. Wireless WAN (WWAN) differs from a wireless LAN (WLAN) because it uses cellular network technologies such as WIMAX, CDMA, GSM, HSDPA, LTE, or 3G to transfer data. These cellular technologies are offered regionally, nationwide, and globally and are provided by a wireless service provider, typically for a monthly usage fee. WWAN is a predictable, cost-efficient remote access solution. Instead of managing the setup, use, and payment of multiple connectivity solutions for your remote workers (remote office connectivity, hotel and airport Wi-Fi, and home office access), you can use a single, cost-effective solution with wide national coverage, consistent experience, simple setup, comprehensive support, and predictable cost.


  • General
    • Part number: 0A36318
    • Description: ThinkPad GOBI 4000 Mobile Broadband - Verizon
  • Additional Product Information
    • Ship Group ThinkPad GOBI 4000 Mobile Broadband card Setup posters Warranty poster SIM card - Verizon
  • Physical Properities
    • Agency Approvals & Certifications: CE,FCC
    • Depth Metric: 177
    • Depth: 177mm
    • Depth Metric Units: mm
    • Depth (US): 6.97 in
    • Height Metric: 53
    • Height: 53mm
    • Height Metric Units: mm
    • Height (US): 2.087 in
    • Weight US: 0.168
    • Weight US Units: lbs
    • Weight Metric: 0.076
    • Weight Metric Units: Kg
    • Width Metric: 144
    • Width: 144mm
    • Width Metric Units: mm
    • Width (US): 5.67 in
  • Warranty
    • Warranty Period: One year
    • Warranty Type: Customer Replaceable Unit