AML M7220 Wireless Handheld Terminal
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Product Information for AML M7220 Wireless Handheld Terminal

Highlights for AML M7220 Wireless Handheld Terminal

Keep your wireless deployment on track and on budget
The AML M7220 wireless handheld terminal is the affordable, flexible solution for professionals who require a tough yet easy to use wireless handheld terminal to support all day, real-time data capture in retail, distribution, and manufacturing operations.

Offering easy menu setup, 802.11b/g radio communications, advanced wireless security protocols, built-in VT100/220/TN5250 clients, the M7220 PC-based Configuration Utility, and legitimate 8-10 hour battery life for full-shift operation without recharging, the M7220 wireless handheld terminal is the simple, affordable solution to keep your wireless deployment on track and on budget. With the M7220, real-time data capture is simple to learn, simple to use and simple to deploy, so you can focus on more important tasks.

The M7220 wireless hand-held terminal ships fully loaded with VT100/VT220 terminal emulation, TN5250 client, FTP server, SSH client, HTTP server, TELNET server, SSH/SFTP server, Web Browser, WEP and WPA/WPA2 security capabilities. The M7220 wireless handheld scanner connects to any Windows®, Unix®, i5/OS or Linux® host and is easily deployed across a wide range of applications. Administrators can easily and quickly configure and replicate settings on multiple terminals from their PC utilizing the M7220 PC-based Configuration Utility.

Rugged yet ergonomic, the M7220 wireless handheld scanner sports a lightweight, contoured design for comfortable, one-handed operation over extended periods of use in highly repetitive scanning applications. Multiple M7220 product configurations ensure operational flexibility and flexibility across a wide range of data capture applications. Choose the 55-key alphanumeric keypad or the lockable 35-key numeric keypad for applications requiring fast numeric data entry. Fully integrated barcode scan engine options include standard laser, long range laser, advanced long range laser or 2D imager for picture and signature capture.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions & Weight:
    • Without handle: 8.9” length x 3.5” width x 2.3” depth (225mm length x 89mm width x 57mm depth); 16 oz / 454 grams
    • With handle: 8.9” length x 3.5” width x 8.2” depth (225mm length x 89mm width x 208mm depth); 25 oz / 709 grams
  • Drop Specifications: 5 ft. (1.5m) to concrete
  • Display: 160 x 160 pixel Grayscale LCD with EL backlight
  • Battery: Rechargeable 7.2V Lithium-Ion 2200 mAh, 15.84 watt hours
  • Keypad: 55-key alphanumeric; Lockable 35-key numeric
  • Pistol Grip: Standard on the M7221 hand-held terminal

Environmental Characteristics

  • Operating Temperature: 14o to 122oF / -10o to 50oC
  • Storage Temperature: -13o to 122oF / -25o to 50oC
  • Humidity: 5% to 90% RH non-condensing
  • Electrostatic Discharge (EDS): 15 kVdc air; 4kVdc contact, all sides
  • Sealing: IP51 (dust, drip water proof)

Performance Characteristics

  • CPU: Samsung® S3C2410 32-bit ARM9 @ 202 MHz with Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA)
  • Operating Platform: AML Embedded Linux® OS; Linux® Kernel 2.6.16
  • Memory (RAM/ROM): 32 MB SDRAM @ 101MHz, 16 MB Non-volatile NOR Flash
  • Development Environment: AML M7220 SDK for Linux® supporting C and C++; GNU GCC 3.3.5 for ARM-Linux®; Fully Open Sourced Licensing
  • Integrated Scanner Options: Standard High-Speed Laser; Long Range Laser; Advanced Long Range Laser; 2-Dimensional Imager
  • Data Communications: USB Type B (Slave); Serial RS-232 (max. rate 115200 baud); IrDA
  • Sound: Integrated system bell (beeper)

Wireless Data Communications

  • Wireless Local Area Network: IEEE 802.11b/g
  • Data Rate (Mbps): 802.11b: 11, 5.5, 2, 1; 802.11g: 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 11, 9, 6 with auto-fallback
  • Frequency (GHz): North America: 2.412 – 2.462 GHz; Japan TELEC: 2.412 – 2.484 802.11b; Japan TELEC: 2.412 – 2.472 802.11g; Europe ETSI: 2.412 – 2.472; Spain: 2.457 – 2.462
  • Transmit Power: 802.11b: 17 dBm (40 mW); 802.11b/g: 14 dBm (32 mW)
  • Receiver Sensitivity (dBm):
    • 54/48 Mbps: -65 dBm / -66 dBm; 24/36 Mbps: -70 dBm / -74 dBm;
    • 12/18 Mbps: -77 dBm / -79 dBm; 11 Mbps: -80 dBm (802.11b);
    • 6/9 Mbps: -81 dBm / -82 dBm
  • Modulation: 48/54 Mbps (QAM-64); 24/36 Mbps (QAM-16); 12/18 Mbps (QPSK); 6/9 Mbps (BPSK)
  • Security (Encryption): None; 64 (40)-bit WEP; 128 (104)-bit WEP; WPA/WPA2 Personal (PSK); WPA/WPA2 Enterprise (EAP 802.1x Supplicants)
  • Antenna: Internal Diversity

Device Management

  • PC-based Configuration Utility: Quickly configure and replicate settings on multiple terminals from your PC.

Software Tools

  • Terminal Emulation: VT100/102; VT220; TN5250; SSH
  • Web Browser: 'Links2' graphical and text based web browser
  • Utilities: Calculator; Bar Code Data Viewer; Linux Console; Camera Utility (if equipped with optional 2-Dimensional Imager)
  • Diagnostic Tools: Printer Test; Network Status Application; System Resource Usage; Network Ping Utility

Optional Peripherals & Accessories

  • Cradles:
    • Single slot communication and charging cradle;
    • Four slot terminal charger;
    • Four slot battery charger
  • Vehicle:
    • Vehicle mount terminal charger;
    • Vehicle mount cradle (non-charging)
  • Holsters: Two styles of functional holsters with adjustable belts

Safety & Regulatory

  • EMI/RFI: FCC Part 15 Class A
  • Laser Safety (if equipped): CDRH Class II; IEC Class 2
  • Restrictions of Hazardous Substances: EU RoHS Compliant / Pb-Free

Maintenance & Support

  • Includes one (1) year standard warranty agreement
  • Optional:
    • Extended Warranty coverage (3 years); Extended
    • Warranty Plus coverage (3 years); CARE Plan Extended Warranty coverage (3 years)