Kingston KVR16R11D4/8HC 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 ECC Reg CL11 DIMM DR x4 Hynix C
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Product Information for Kingston KVR16R11D4/8HC 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 ECC Reg CL11 DIMM DR x4 Hynix C

Highlights for Kingston KVR16R11D4/8HC 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 ECC Reg CL11 DIMM DR x4 Hynix C

  • Memory Size:8 GB
  • Form Factor:DIMM
  • Memory Technology:DDR3 SDRAM
  • Memory Speed:1600 MHz

Marketing Information

ValueRAM is Kingston's high-quality line of 'by spec' generic memory designed with the price conscious system builder, assembler and white box markets in mind. ValueRAM is backed by a lifetime warranty and is 100% tested both internally and through Advanced Validation Labs (AVL). AVL testing ensures all modules comply with JEDEC specifications.

General Information

  • Product Type: RAM Module
  • Manufacturer Part Number: KVR16R11D4/8HC
  • Manufacturer Website Address:
  • Manufacturer: Kingston Technology Company
  • Product Name: 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 ECC Reg CL11 DIMM DR x4 Hynix C
  • Product Line: ValueRAM
  • Brand Name: Kingston
  • Miscellaneous


    • ASUS/ASmobile RS Server RS700-E7/RS4
    • ASUS/ASmobile RS Server RS700-E7/RS8
    • ASUS/ASmobile RS Server RS720-E7/RS12
    • ASUS/ASmobile RS Server RS720-E7/RS12-E
    • ASUS/ASmobile RS Server RS720Q-E7/RS12
    • ASUS/ASmobile RS Server RS924A-E6/RS8
    • ASUS/ASmobile Z9 Server Board Z9PE-D16
    • ASUS/ASmobile Z9 Server Board Z9PE-D8 WS
    • ASUS/ASmobile Z9 Server Board Z9PH-D16
    • ASUS/ASmobile Z9 Server Board Z9PH-D16/QDR
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    • Intel S2600CO Server
    • Intel S2600CP Server
    • Intel S2600GL Server
    • Intel S2600GZ Server
    • Intel S2600IP Server
    • Intel S2600JF Server
    • Intel S2600WP Server
    • Intel W2600CR2 / W2600CR2L Workstation
    • MSI Motherboard MS-S0221
    • Supermicro A+ Server 1012C-MRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 1012G-MTF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 1022GG-TF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 1022G-NTF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 1022G-URF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 1022TC-IBQF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 1022TC-TF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 1042G-TF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 1122GG-TF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2022G-URF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2022G-URF4+
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2022TC-BIBQRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2022TC-BTRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2022TC-HTRF4
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2022TG-H6IBQRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2022TG-H6RF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2022TG-HIBQRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2022TG-HLIBQRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2022TG-HLTRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2022TG-HTRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2042G-6RF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2042G-TRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2122TC-H6RF4
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2122TG-H6IBQRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2122TG-H6RF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2122TG-HIBQRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 2122TG-HTRF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 4022G-6F
    • Supermicro A+ Server 4042G-6RF
    • Supermicro A+ Server 4042G-TRF
    • Supermicro B9DRE Motherboard
    • Supermicro B9DRG Motherboard
    • Supermicro BHDGT Motherboard
    • Supermicro BHQGE Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DCL-6 Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DCL-6F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DCL-i Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DCL-iF Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DCT-F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DCT-HIBQF Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DCT-HLN4F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DCT-IBQF Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DG6 Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DG6-F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DGG-QF Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DGi Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DGi-F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DGT-HF Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DGT-HIBQF Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DGT-HLF Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DGT-HLIBQF Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DGU Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DGU-F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8DGU-LN4F+ Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8QG6+-F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8QG6-F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8QGi+-F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8QGi-F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8QGL-6F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8QGL-6F+ Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8QGL-iF Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8QGL-iF+ Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8SCM Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8SCM-F Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8SGL Motherboard
    • Supermicro H8SGL-F Motherboard
    • Supermicro SuperBlade Module SBA-7142G-T4
    • Supermicro SuperBlade Module SBA-7222G-T2
    • Su

      Green Compliant


      Green Compliance Certificate/Authority


      Physical Characteristics

    • Number of Pins: 240-pin
    • Form Factor: DIMM
    • Technical Information

    • CAS Latency: CL11
    • Error Checking: ECC
    • Number of Modules: 1 x 8 GB
    • Plating: Gold Plated
    • Signal Processing: Registered
    • Memory Speed: 1600 MHz
    • Memory Size: 8 GB
    • Memory Technology: DDR3 SDRAM
    • Memory Standard: DDR3-1600/PC3-12800
    • Warranty

    • Standard Warranty: Lifetime Limited