Raymarine A50D 5" Chartplotter/Fishfinder (U.S. Inland Lakes & Rivers charts)
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Product Information for Raymarine A50D 5" Chartplotter/Fishfinder (U.S. Inland Lakes & Rivers charts)

Highlights for Raymarine A50D 5" Chartplotter/Fishfinder (U.S. Inland Lakes & Rivers charts)

A50D 5" Chartplotter/Fishfinder (U.S. Inland Lakes & Rivers charts)

  • 5 sunlight viewable color display
  • High resolution VGA (640 x 480)
  • IPX6 waterproof construction
  • Tilt & swivel bracket with quick release and cable management
  • Activate and control a Raymarine SmartPilot X-series autopilot directly from the A50's chartplotter screen
  • Two NMEA 0183 Input and Output ports
A50D Chartplotter
  • Preloaded with cartography for inland lakes and fishing maps of the U.S. Use optional Navionics Gold or Platinum charts.
  • High speed chart redraw
  • Chart Rotation Modes (Head up, Course up and North Up)
  • 1200 Waypoints and 150 routes with unlimited waypoint and route storage using optional CompactFlash memory card
  • High sensitivity internal WAAS GPS sensor
  • Navionics Gold and Platinum capability
  • 3D and satellite photo charts (with optional Platinum Chart Card)
  • AIS target tracking (with optional AIS250 module)
A50D Fishfinder
  • Superior fishfinder performance using the Built-in Digital Sounder Module
  • 500 Watts RMS Output power
  • Raymarines patented HD Digital fishfinder technology
  • 200 kHz Ultra Wide FanBeam transducer delevers three times beam width of conventional 200 kHz transducer
  • Unique beam rotation control built into the transducer housing. Rotate beam fore & aft or port & starboard
  • Hands-free HD Digital technology automatically adjust more than 220 sonar parameters per second and virtually eliminates clutter
  • HD Digital adaptive receiver technology precisely targets fish and bottom structure with amazing clarity
  • Transom/trolling motor mount transducer with depth-temperature included. Additional transom, in-hull, trolling motor and thru-hull transducer options available.
A50D SIRIUS Weather & Audio
  • SIRIUS Satellite weather and radio with optional SR50
  • Graphical Nowrad radar, sea surface temperature, storm tracks, and more!
  • SIRIUS Satellite radio capability. Set reminders for favorite songs and artists on over 100 SIRIUS radio channels.
A50D Engine Monitoring
  • Connect NMEA 2000 compatible engines with SeaTalkng
  • Create customizable pages for engine data, trim tabs, instrument data, and more!

A50D 5" Chartplotter/Fishfinder with U.S. Inland Lakes and Rivers Specifications


  • Data Display Capabilities: Chartplotter, CDI(Course Deviation Indicator), Fishfinder, and customizable Data Bar display
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 200 x 142 x 43mm
  • Display (LCD) size: 5"
  • Display colors: 256
  • Display resolution: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)
  • Display type: Sunlight viewable color TFT LCD
  • Mounting Methods: Tilt & Swivel Bracket (Panel Mount optional)
  • Operating temperature limits: 14F to 122F (-10C to 50C) ambient air at 95% RH
  • Storage Temperature: -4F to 149F (-20C to +65C) ambient air at 95% RH
  • Power consumption: 8-10 Watts
  • Voltage range: 10.7-18 volts (12v nominal)
  • Waterproofing: IPX6 Standards
  • Weight: 7.3lbs
  • Approvals CE - conforms to FCC compliant with: Essential requirements of 1995/5/EC, 1989/336/EC. CFR47 Parts 2 & 80
  • Humidity Limit: up to 95% at 35C non-condensing
  • Display windows: Chart, CDI, Data, Weather, and Engine Monitor
  • Illumination: Screen and keypad: 0 to 100% in 64 steps Day/Night Mode
  • Languages: English (US), English (UK), Italian, French, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Icelandic, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Japanese, Korean
  • System Alarms: Alarm clock, Anchor, Arrival, Deep depth, MOB, Offtrack, Shallow depth, Temperature, Timer
  • Navigation Alarms: Arrival alarm, offtrack XTE alarm
  • Waypoints: 1200 Waypoints with 16 character names. Additional waypoint storage available on CompactFlash cards.
  • Waypoints Transfer: Waypoints database via NMEA and CompactFlash cards.
  • Man Overboard (MOB Mode): Mark placed with course line; readout shows range, bearing, lat/lon of MOB and time elapsed since MOB
  • Screen Functions: Full, half and quarter screens available dependant on function. Also 3 window page with 2 x 1/4 page windows and 1 x 1/2 page window
  • Cartography: U.S. Inland Lakes & Rivers preloaded cartography. Compatible with Navionics Gold & Platinum Charts on CompactFlash cards
  • Presentation Modes: Head up, Course up or North up (selectable True or Magnetic). Relative, Autorange or True Motion. Screen offset. 3D synchronization.
  • Routes: 150 routes with 50 waypoints per route. Additional routes can be stored CompactFlash cards
  • Track History: Ability to record the current track with a maximum of 10,000 trackpoints, or save up to 10 tracks with up to 1000 trackpoints in each stored in the units internal memory. Additional tracks can be stored CompactFlash cards
  • 3D/Chart Syncronization: To synchronize 3D and 2D chart scales and orientation.
  • Aerial overlay: Overlay of aerial photograph on the chart
  • Navigation information: Own boats position in lat/lon, XTE, TTG and SOG/COG selectable. Bearing and distance to waypoint. Bearing and distance to cursor and ETA
  • 3D Presentation Modes: Active motion mode, planning mode, Adjust rotation and pitch, port, starboard, forward and aft view, multiple views, Vessel offset
  • 3D Display: Declutter, Transducer cone, Depth scale, Waypoint name, Adjust exaggeration, 3D view locator
Instrument and Engine Data
  • Data Pages: 5 pages available. Pre-defined (Navigation, Waypoint, Route, Fishing or Sailing) or user-configured.
  • Data Available: Vessel position, active waypoint, TTG, VMG - Waypoint, depth, COG SOG, heading, speed, set/drift, trip, log, ground log, ground trip, rudder, local time and date, sea temperature, app wind, true wind, VMG wind, ground wind XTE, compass, locked heading, wa
  • Engine Pages: 5 pages available. Pre-defined (engine, engine and fuel, fuel resources, engine and resources, twin engines or triple engine support) or user-configured.
  • Engine Data Available: Tacho, boost pressure, alternator, oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine hours, fuel level (tanks 1 & 2), fuel rate, total fuel, load, trim tab, engine trim and genset
  • NMEA 0183 Interface: 2 Input and Output ports
  • NMEA 0183 Input Messages: GLL, GGA, GLC, GTD, VTG, BWC, BWR, RMA, RMB, RMC, XTE, VHW, HDG, HDM, HDT, DBT, DPT, APB, VLW, MWV, WPL, RTE, DSC and ZDA. Selectable to 4800, 4800 Navtex, 9600 Navtex or 38,400 AIS
  • NMEA 0183 Output Messages - User selectable: APB, BWC, BWR, DBT, DPT, GGA, GLL, MTW, RMA, RMB, RMC, RSD, TTM, VLW, VHW, VTG, WPL, VHF/DSC and ZDA
  • SeaTalkng /NMEA2000: 1 SeaTalkng connector. SeaTalkng to NMEA2000 adapter available
  • Alerts: Incoming message (selectable categories)
  • Message List: Sorting
  • Type: SIRIUS Marine Weather
  • Weather elements: Storm cast, waves, Canadian radar, lightning, wind, sea surface temperature, surface observations stations, city weather, NOWRad, storm tracks, surface pressure.
  • Animated weather graphics: Weather forecast, weather radar history
  • Weather reports: Tropical statements, marine warnings, marine zone fore-casts, marine watchbox.
  • Target Symbols: Sleeping, activated, selected, dangerous and lost.
  • Target Information: AIS vectors, safety critical data and full AIS data.
  • Collision Avoidance: Safe zones and safety messages.
  • Alarms: Local alarm messages, lost targets
  • AIS overlay: Switch AIS symbols on/off. Display heading/speed vectors and ROT. View detailed AIS data, safety critical target data, ALR and SRM messages. Set up a safe zone.
  • Transducer: Transom-mount, in-hull or thru-hull options
  • Receiver Type: Patented Raymarine HD Digital receiver technology
  • Power output: 500 Watts RMS
  • Frequency: 200 kHz Ultra Wide FanBeam
  • Alarms: Fish alarm, fish alarm depth, shallow and deep fish limit
  • A-Scope Display: Displays Sonar Returns in real time
  • Bottom Coverage Display: Shows the diameter of the transducer beam where it meets the bottom.
  • Bottom Lock: Displays echoes directly above the bottom.
  • Range markers: Easily see how far the boat is from a target on the echo sounder screen
  • Target Detection: Sonar fish echo with target depth readout
  • Zoom: 2,3,4x and user programmable Zoom scales