Garmin Corepack, GHP 20 for Hydraulic Steering
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The Garmin GHP 20 Technology is a tremendous advancement in hydraulic steering systems. It automatically adjusts the maximum flow rate for a particular boat from 0 to 2.4 L per minute. Because the GHP 20 with SmartPump uses a brushless motor, there is no direct electrical connection between the drive circuit and the rotor. This provides for improved thermal performance and higher efficiency. The GHP 20 is one integrated unit comprised of a motor drive circuit with the pump in a single assembly. Equipped with Intelligent Rudder Rate Technology (IRRT), it actually slows the rudder rate when the vessel is at high speeds and speeds up rudder rate when the vessel is at lower speeds. Also the system can smoothly perform a variety of pre-programmed trolling and search procedures.

  • Marine Autopilot System
  • Part Number: 010-00705-50
  • QVGA Color
  • LCD Display
  • 320 x 240 Pixels Display Resolution
  • Patented Shadow Drive Technology - Make Manual Course Changes w/o Manually Disengaging the Autopilot
  • Intelligent Rudder Rate Technology (IRRT) - Provide Optimal Performance & Safety in All Conditions
  • No Direct Electrical Connection Between Drive Circuit & Rotor - Provides For Increased Reliability - Longer Pump Life - Higher Reliability & Lower Power Consumption
  • One Pump Solution - Puts An End to Guessing The Pump Size For A Particular Boat
  • Fast, Precise & Automatic Response
  • Automatically Adjusts The Maximum Flow Rate For A Particular Boat
  • Up To 3 GHC 10's Can be Interfaced to a Single Unit
  • Dimensions: 7.75 " x 7.5 " x 9.63 "
  • Included FREE:
    • GHC 10
    • GHP 12 Course Computer Unit (CCU)
    • CCU Interconnect Cable
    • Shadow Drive
    • Buzzer
    • 2 NMEA 2000 Drop Cables (2 m)
    • NMEA 2000 Power Cable
    • NMEA 0183 Cable
    • 3 NMEA 2000 T-Connectors
    • 1 Male & 1 Female Terminator
    • Documentation