Goldtouch GTC0077 Numeric Keypad with USB Hub (Black)
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The Goldtouch Numeric Keypad, with its USB hub, complements the Goldtouch keyboard and allows the convenience of remaining detached from the keyboard itself for optimal mouse and keypad placement. With its crisp and tactile feel, and the right amount of audible feedback, hardcore number crunchers will enjoy the ease of having a numeric keypad at their workstation or attached to their notebooks anywhere they work.


  • USB Connector
  • 22 Keys
  • 2 USB Hubs (for low power devices; mice, USB memory sticks)
  • Easy access to essential keys such as: - Tab, Escape, Backspace - and also frequently needed symbols:, ( ) % $ Y L E c \ - calculator functions such as: MS M+ MC MR will make the use of MS calculator much easier as will the Clear (Esc) CE (Del) Backspace +/- 00 and = keys
  • Switch life 20 million cycles
  • Soft Tactile Feel
  • Operating Force [50g-55g]
  • Pre-travel [2mm-6mm]
  • Total Travel [4mm-5mm]
Supported Platforms
  • The Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard supports Windows PC as well as various flavors of LINUX and UNIX without requiring 3rd party drivers.
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Linux, UNIX