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Seagate ST500VT000 500 GB 2.5" Internal Hard Drive
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Product Information for Seagate ST500VT000 500 GB 2.5" Internal Hard Drive

Highlights for Seagate ST500VT000 500 GB 2.5" Internal Hard Drive

  • Storage Capacity:500 GB
  • Rotational Speed:5400 rpm

Marketing Information

Cool, quiet, low power video performance

Stream, record and playback your customer's favorite video content with the unparalleled reliability and performance of Seagate® Video 2.5 HDD.

  • Seagate expands video hard drive offerings to a 2.5" platform
  • Purpose-built 2.5" video drives designed specifically for for STB and DVR manufacturers to support 24x7 applications
  • Choose the drive with optimized streaming, recording and playback of your favorite video content
  • Reliability and performance equal to Seagate Video 3.5 HDDs
  • Industry leading AFR of 0.55%

Built-in Devices


Technical Information


Additional Product Specifications


  • Drive Interface: SATA
  • Drive Interface Standard: SATA/300
  • Drive Performance

  • Buffer: 16 MB
  • Rotational Speed: 5400 rpm
  • Maximum External Data Transfer Rate: 384 MBps (3 Gbps)
  • Average Latency: 5.60 ms
  • General Information

  • Product Type: Hard Drive
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ST500VT000
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.seagate.com
  • Manufacturer: Seagate Technology
  • Product Model: ST500VT000
  • Product Name: Video 2.5 HDD
  • Brand Name: Seagate
  • Miscellaneous

    Network & Communication

    Physical Characteristics

  • Weight (Approximate): 3.35 oz
  • Drive Type: Internal
  • Height: 0.3"
  • Width: 2.8"
  • Depth: 4"
  • Drive Width: 2.5"
  • Power Description

    Management & Protocols


    Technical Information

  • Storage Capacity: 500 GB
  • Features: Cool and Quiet
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    • Seagate Video 2.5 HDD 500GB

      2.5-Inch Hard Drive for 24×7 Video Applications
      • Purpose-built 2.5-inch video drives designed specifically for for STB and DVR manufacturers
      • Video HDD optimized for streaming, recording and playback of your favorite video content
      • Entry-level or home surveillance video storage solution
      • Industry-leading AFR of 0.55%


    • Purpose-Built DVR Video Storage

      Designed specifically for video applications Video 2.5 HDDs are built to ensure your customers have the best video experience. From streaming to acoustics to reliability, Seagate Video 2.5 HDDs are fine-tuned to thrive in video applications for both system integrators and end users.
      • Support for up to 12 simultaneous HD streams
      • Video playback optimized with Command Completion Time (CCT) to ensure smooth data delivery
      • 500GB supports up to 38 hours of your favorite movies and TV shows, or 100,000 photos or 125,000 songs!

    • 24×7 Video HDD Reliability

      Trusted by the world’s leading set-top box manufacturers, Seagate brings over ten years of experience, proven reliability and performance to the video storage world.
      Backed by 0.55% AFR, Video 2.5 HDDs offer industry-leading reliability for 24x7, video applications.
      Your best movies, TV shows and media favorites are all stored on your DVR or media center – Trust Seagate to protect them.
    • Video HDD Design Flexibility

      Seagate Video 2.5 HDDs are offered in a 7mm form factor allowing flexibility for design integration. A 500GB 7mm Seagate Video 2.5 HDD takes up one-sixth the space of the same 3.5-inch 500GB video hard drive and consumes 55% less power. These design enhancements allow for low heat emission which enables solution engineers to consider new options like fanless box designs.
      Cut your power consumption up to 55% by choosing Seagate Video 2.5 HDDs over competing 3.5-inch video offerings.


    {"images":[{"sources":[{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-f52b4e27.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960","width":400,"height":400},{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-f52b4e27.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480","width":400,"height":400},{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-f52b4e27.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240","width":240,"height":240}],"src":{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-f52b4e27.jpg","width":400,"height":400},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-f52b4e27.jpg.web.jpg","width":400,"height":400},"assetWrapper":"image-gallery","caption":"Seagate Video Front","isAdaCompliant":true},{"sources":[{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-a4cbdc63.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960","width":400,"height":400},{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-a4cbdc63.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480","width":400,"height":400},{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-a4cbdc63.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240","width":240,"height":240}],"src":{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-a4cbdc63.jpg","width":400,"height":400},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-a4cbdc63.jpg.web.jpg","width":400,"height":400},"assetWrapper":"image-gallery","caption":"Seagate Video Upper Left","isAdaCompliant":true},{"sources":[{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-6d2229d6.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960","width":400,"height":400},{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-6d2229d6.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480","width":400,"height":400},{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-6d2229d6.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240","width":240,"height":240}],"src":{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-6d2229d6.jpg","width":400,"height":400},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/seagate-video-hdd-fam/video-2-5-hdd/_shared/images/video-6d2229d6.jpg.web.jpg","width":400,"height":400},"assetWrapper":"image-gallery","caption":"Seagate Video Dynamic","isAdaCompliant":true}]}


    Cache (MB)16MB
    InterfaceSATA 6Gb/s
    Hours of Video Supported38
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