Konftel 50 Conference Phone - US
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The unit's perfect sound quality makes this the smarter way to hold meetings. The Konftel 50 is a flexible unit – perfect for efficient audio conferences from your desk or in smaller meeting rooms. Connects to digital and IP system phones, DECT and mobile phones. For connection to computers too.


  • Portable unit – simple to connect and use
  • Requires no dedicated telephone line or subscription
  • Connects to most digital and IP system phones, DECT and mobile phones
  • Can also be connected to your telephone or computer using IP telephony
  • Keypad with volume, mute and trimming buttons
  • Compatible with telephone features, e.g. three-way calling
  • Can be used together with a headset

Audio conferencing via your computer Computers (PC/Mac) equipped with software for IP telephony (Skype.com, Alcatel WebSoftphone, Nortel IP softphone 2050 etc.) are easily transformed into a conference IP Softphone by connecting a Konftel 50 to the sound input on your computer (cables provided). Konftel can supply an optional USB adapter for direct connection to the USB port on your computer.

Audio conferencing via your system telephone The Konftel 50 connects to the handset outlet on your digital and IP system phone. Can be connected to most PBXs. The switch box allows you to change between speaking hands-free and using the handset at the push of a button. Or connect a headset if you prefer.

Audio conferencing via your GSM or DECT phone By simply connecting an optional cable to your Konftel 50, you can conduct an audio conference via your GSM or DECT phone. Make the call as normal and use the phone's functions.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 232 mm (9.15 in) diameter
  • Weight: 700 gram (1.6 pounds)
  • Colour: Seashell white

Power supply

  • Transformer 12 V DC/230 V AC, 700 mA (Europe)
  • Transformer 12 V DC/120 V AC, 700 mA (USA)


  • Electrical cable 6 metres (19 ft), modular 4/4
  • Analog in/out 3 metres (9 ft), modular 6/6
  • Switchbox modular 4/4, 0.5 metres (19 in)

Compatibility :

  • Connects to a system telephone under virtually any PBX, e.g.
    • Ericsson: MD110, Fenix 250.
    • Simens: HiPath, Hicom.
    • Nortel: Meridian.
    • Philips: Sopho.
    • Alcatel: Omni PCX, 4200, 4400.


  • Loudspeaker volume: Adjustable to 15 levels
  • Microphone volume: Adjustable to 5 levels
  • Reception area: Up to 30m2 (320 sq ft)
  • Background volume : < 45 dBA


  • 5 - 40 degrees Celcius (41°–104° Fahrenheit.)