Mariner Software MacGourmet Deluxe v.3.0
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Product Information for Mariner Software MacGourmet Deluxe v.3.0

Highlights for Mariner Software MacGourmet Deluxe v.3.0

  • Platform Supported:Mac

Marketing Information

Plan. Cook. Enjoy

So what would you rather have - a small box stuffed with pieces of paper that is, well, mostly in order and where, after some frantic looking, you'll be able find what you wanted? Or a nice, tidy, well organized, easily searchable file? That's a trick question, right?

General Information

  • Product Type: Software
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MGD300
  • Manufacturer Website Address:
  • Manufacturer: Mariner Software
  • Product Name: MacGourmet Deluxe v.3.0
  • Brand Name: Mariner Software
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    System Requirements

    Operating System:
    • Mac OS v.10.6 or higher

    Physical Characteristics

    Product Information

  • Platform Supported: Mac
  • Features: Entirely worked over UI:
    • New columns, new way to hide/show columns
    • New source list view, featuring collapsable sections and big/small icons
    • Adjustable display theme font size
    • New themes, check out Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan, Chalkboard and Cardstock, among others
    • More commands in main part of window, easier to hide toolbar
    • Can now star, flag, scale and mark as prep'ed right from summary view
    • Scaling moved outside of editor, and it doesn't change the original recipe
    • Trash can for deleted items
    • New serial number entry dialogs with helpful "hints"
    • New built-in "Send Feedback" system
    • Added support for reading and writing MasterCook MX2 files
    • Too many bug fixes and other enhancements to list
    Recipe editor:
    • Direction "steps" with images, labels and highlighting
    • Recipe-as-ingredient support
    • Multiple recipe notes with images and type icons
    • Ingredient groups in editor
    Shopping list:
    • Unified shopping list theme
    • Shopping list history, list of stock items to pick from, coupon markers
    • Exclusions list for new shopping lists that lets you filter out items (like salt, pepper, water) that you don't usually need
    Recipe Import Assistant:
    • All-new easier to use recipe import assistant
    • Lets you open any site web page in the importer, rather than just displaying error
    Chef View:
    • New Chef view with speech recognition, apple remote support, and text speaking support
    • Lists Editor (formerly the database browser, in the Tools menu)
    • New lists editor with support for modifying and adding your own prep-times, cuisines and wine types
    New plug-in manager:
    • New plug-in manager (in the Tools menu) that lets you see what is installed, disable installed plugins and add new plugins
    Updated Printing:
    • Reworked print window with adjustable font size, updated all themes
  • Language Supported: English
  • Software Name: MacGourmet Deluxe v.3.0
  • Software Sub Type: Recipe Management
  • Software Main Type: Home & Lifestyle
  • Operating System Supported: Mac OS
  • Service Information

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