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Jabra EASYGO Earset - Mono
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Product Information for Jabra EASYGO Earset - Mono

Highlights for Jabra EASYGO Earset - Mono

  • Connectivity Technology:Wireless
  • Sound Mode:Mono

Marketing Information

Looking for your first Bluetooth headset? The Jabra EASYGO makes choosing easy. It gives you all the extraordinary benefits of hands free conversation at a no-nonsense price. There are no complex functions and installation is fast and straightforward.

The Jabra EASYGO is stylish yet discreet, and its lightness and shape make it a joy to wear. It has DSP technology for crystal clear sound and an automatic volume control that keeps volume constant even when you move between quiet and noisy environments. It also has Voice Guidance features that tell you if you need to recharge it or if it becomes disconnected from your phone. You can even pair the Jabra EASYGO with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Use it at work, on-foot or in the car. A quality headset that sounds and looks great, the Jabra EASYGO makes it easy to talk on the move.


Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 0.35" Height x 0.62" Width x 2.11" Depth
  • Weight (Approximate): 0.28 oz
  • Form Factor: Open
  • Technical Information

  • Plating: Not Applicable
  • Sound Mode: Mono
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
  • Warranty

    Battery Information

  • Battery Standby Time: 192 Hour
  • Maximum Battery Run Time: 6 Hour
  • Controls/Indicators

  • Earpiece Controls: Volume
  • Interfaces/Ports

  • Host Interface: Not Applicable
  • General Information

  • Product Type: Earset
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 100-921000000-02
  • Manufacturer Website Address: www.gnnetcom.com
  • Manufacturer: GN Netcom A/S
  • Product Model: EASYGO
  • Product Name: EASYGO Earset
  • Brand Name: Jabra
  • Earpiece

  • Earpiece Design: Over-the-ear
  • Earpiece Type: Monaural
  • Microphone

  • Integrated Microphone: Yes
  • Miscellaneous


  • Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR
  • Bluetooth Mobile Phones
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    Easy to use, wear and enjoy

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    • {"duration":76,"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/JabraEASYGO.flv.flash.flv","profile":"FLASH","width":854,"height":480},{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/JabraEASYGO.flv.mobile.mp4","profile":"MOBILE","width":480,"height":269}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/JabraEASYGO.flv","width":854,"height":480},"runtimePoster":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/JabraEASYGO.flv.poster.jpeg","width":854,"height":480}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/JabraEASYGO.flv.poster.jpeg","width":854,"height":480},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/JabraEASYGO.flv.poster.jpeg","width":854,"height":480},"isAdaCompliant":false},"assetWrapper":"rich-features","showVideoCaption":true,"isAdaCompliant":false}
      • Pair it with two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously
      • Enjoy clear sound with DSP technology
      • Talk for up to 6 hours and get standby time of up to 8 days
      • Know when to charge and when it’s connected
    • Enjoy stress-free wireless freedom.

      You want a Bluetooth™ headset that just works, no frills, no thrills, just a straightforward, comfortable headset you can take with you everywhere. Meet Jabra Easygo.
    • Jabra Easygo is a lightweight, durable and affordable headset choice.

      {"duration":59,"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/2ndvideoor3rd.flv.flash.flv","profile":"FLASH","width":854,"height":424},{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/2ndvideoor3rd.flv.mobile.mp4","profile":"MOBILE","width":480,"height":238}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/2ndvideoor3rd.flv","width":854,"height":424},"runtimePoster":{"sources":[{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/2ndvideoor3rd.flv.poster.jpeg","width":854,"height":424}],"src":{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/2ndvideoor3rd.flv.poster.jpeg","width":854,"height":424},"runtimeSrc":{"src":"/_cp/products/1359149201075/tab-3cbc57e3-2c39-405e-975a-843c41cbd1cd/2ndvideoor3rd.flv.poster.jpeg","width":854,"height":424},"isAdaCompliant":false},"assetWrapper":"rich-features","caption":"Jabra Easygo is a lightweight, durable and affordable headset choice.","showVideoCaption":true,"isAdaCompliant":false}
      Jabra Easygo is a lightweight, durable and affordable headset choice.
      You can talk in comfort, both because of its design, and because of its intelligent audio adjustment system that adapts the volume level to your environment. It tells you when you’ve successfully paired it with a device and when you need to recharge it.

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    • Jabra® EASYGO Bluetooth Headset Review in HD

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      Jabra® EASYGO Bluetooth Headset Review in HD

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    • Connectivity

      Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
      Supports Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity
      Bluetooth version: 3.0
      Supports Bluetooth® version 3.0
      AVRCP: No
      This device does not support AVRCP, meaning you cannot control your music directly from the device
      Auto Pairing: Yes
      With Auto Pairing, a device pairs automatically with Bluetooth® devices supporting this feature
      Music Streaming: Yes
      Device can stream music from a source, such as a Smartphone, Bluetooth enabled laptop, tablet, or MP3 player

    Quick Start


      Take the AC adapter and plug its charging tip into the socket on the headset.

      Plug the end of the AC adapter into a wall outlet.

      The Jabra EASYGO is fully charged and ready to use when the battery indicator on the StatusDisplay™ turns solid green. (Approx. 2 hours). The battery indicator stays solid green for 5 min. and then goes out.


      To turn the headset on slide the ON/OFF button towards |.

      To turn the headset off slide the ON/OFF button towards 0


      The first time you turn your headset on, it automatically enters into pairing mode. The Bluetooth connection indicator on the StatusDisplay™ flashes blue.

      For later pairing:
      Make sure the headset is turned on
      Press and hold the answer/end button for approximately 5 seconds.
      The Bluetooth connection indicator on the StatusDisplay™ flashes blue when the headset is ready for pairing with your phone.

      Set your Bluetooth phone to discover the Jabra EASYGO. Follow your phone's instruction guide. This usually involves going to a "setup", "connect" or "Bluetooth" menu on your phone and selecting the option to discover or add a Bluetooth device.

      Your phone will find the Jabra EASYGO.

      Your phone then asks if you want to pair with it. Accept by pressing "yes" or "OK" on the phone. Your phone may ask for a pass key or PIN = 0000 (four zeros).

      Your phone will confirm when pairing is complete. In case of unsuccessful pairing, repeat the steps.

      Pairing is successful when the Bluetooth connection indicator and the battery icon show solid light. The lights will stay solid for 5 seconds and then turn off.

      If you are wearing the headset, the voice guidance will say "connected"


      Tap the Answer/End button on your headset to answer
      the call.

      When you want to end a call, tap the Answer/End button on your headset.

      To increase volume: tap the button with the + symbol repeatedly until the desired volume is reached.

      To decrease the volume: tap the button with the - symbol repeatedly until the desired volume is reached.


      You can always get your connection and battery status on the StatusDisplay™ by tapping the volume-buttons.

      Green battery icon:
      The Jabra EASYGO is turned on and holds above 30 minutes talk time.

      Red battery icon:
      The Jabra EASYGO holds below 30 minutes talk time.

      Jabra EASYGO have voice guidance. When the headset has less than 30 minutes talk time the voice guidance will say "low battery". The statement will be repeated every 10 minutes.

      Solid icons:
      When the Bluetooth icon is solid, the headset is connected to your phone. (If the battery indication is lit but there is no Bluetooth indication, the headset is on but not connected to your phone).

      Jabra EASYGO has voice guidance. When you do not have an active call, you can tap the answer/end button to hear "connected" statement. If your headset is not connected to any phone it will remain quiet.

      Flashing Bluetooth icon:
      The Jabra EASYGO is in pairing mode.
      In this state the headset can be paired (setup) to a new phone. Go to "pairing" in the menu for more information.


      Jabra EASYGO pairs up to 8 devices. 2 at any given time. In order to use the headset with two phones/or a phone and a laptop you must "pair" both phones with the headset (go to the guide "pairing" to see how).

      When both phones are paired to the Jabra EASYGO simply turn on bluetooth on both devices and turn on the Jabra EASYGO headset.

      Jabra EASYGO automatically switches to the receiving device when a call comes in and back again when the conversation is ended.


      The Jabra EASYGO can be worn on either ear with or without an earhook.

      When you open the EASYGO packagingthe first time you will find the headset fitted with a standard Jabra eargel and a S/M size earhook. If you find that the earhook is too small there is a size L in the pack that you can replace it with.

      If you prefer to wear the headset without the earhook, we recommend that remove the earhook and replace the eargel with one of the two "Ultimate Comfort Eargel™" that are included in the pack.

      With earhook
      Gently wrap the earhook behind your ear and fit the speaker into the ear.

      With Ultimate Comfort Eargel™
      Fit the speaker in your ear.

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