Interphase U1-0200-180 iScan V180SE with 2 Thru-Hull Transducers
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Product Information for Interphase U1-0200-180 iScan V180SE with 2 Thru-Hull Transducers

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U1-0200-180 iScan V180seThe all new 3000-Watt Interphase iScan 180 uses two phased array transducers with no moving parts. One transducer is mounted on either side of the vessel's keel to enable a full 180-degree horizontal scan sector (90-degrees each side of the vessels bow) and allows for easy installation on trawlers, large cruising sailboats and other vessels with deep, or full keels. Working like an acoustic underwater radar, the new Interphase iScan 180 can function in three useful modes. The Forward Vertical Scanning mode shows a view from the surface directly ahead of the vessel to the bottom below and is very useful for monitoring changing bottom conditions and detecting fish or other obstacles. In the Forward Horizontal Scanning mode, the Interphase iScan 180 uses two electronically linked transducers to smoothly steer a searchlight-like beam over a full 180-degrees. In either mode the beam can be steered directly down to view either a split or full-screen conventional downlooking depthsounder view. The SE-200 Sonar Engine, introduced earlier this year, is the industry's first "black-box" forward looking sonar with simultaneous VGA and composite video outputs. Forward looking sonar allows boaters to view the underwater area ahead of the vessel to help navigate shallow channels, warn of shallowing bottom conditions, the presence of underwater objects including rocks, reefs and schools of bait and fish.


  • Foward Ranges to 1,200 ft
  • Depth Ranges to 600 ft
  • Adjustable Scanning Sectors
  • Simultaneous VGA and Video Outputs
  • Up to Two Remote Keypads
  • Auto Range/ Auto Gain
  • 10-16 VDC- Less Than 1.0 Amp
  • Separate Gain Controls for Forward and Downlooking Modes
  • Shallow Water Vertical Zoom
  • Keel Offset Adjustment
  • Sunlight, Daylight and Night Modes
  • Forward and Downlooking Alarms
  • Loud External Alarm Capability
  • 3,000 Watts Peak to Peak Output
  • NMEA 0183 Digital Depth Output (DPT,DBT)
  • NMEA 0183 GPS Input (GLL,VTG)
  • Full Screen Forward Scan Displays
  • 12 Degree Beam Angle
  • 200kHz Frequency
  • "Power-Off" Memory
  • USB For Future Internet Upgrades
  • On Screen Cursor