JohnsonOutdoors Humminbird Smartcast RF35 Fishfinder
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Product Information for JohnsonOutdoors Humminbird Smartcast RF35 Fishfinder

Highlights for JohnsonOutdoors Humminbird Smartcast RF35 Fishfinder

The Humminbird SmartCast RF35 Wireless Remote Fish Finder, Wrist Mount provides a dual-function fish finder and watch, with the ultimate go-anywhere design. Designed to be rugged enough and portable enough to go with you anywhere, yet packed full of advanced functionality and conveniences, the RF35 is the ultimate fisherman's friend.

The SmartCast RF35 is a functional watch with date and time capability, yet provides you with sonar readings from a range of up to 75 feet down to a depth of 120 feet, as well showing you water surface temperature and depth readout. This unit fits easily on your wrist, is operated simply via watch-style controls, and utilizes a high-visibility, 1.25-inch STN screen with 48 x 32 lines of resolution. This fish finder features a pulse backlit display and pulse lit Advanced Remote Sonar Sensor (RSS) for night fishing, and runs on an included, replaceable, lithium-ion 2450CR watch battery.

The RSS that comes with the RF35 is dual channel and waterproof, and provides ultra-wide sonar coverage equal to twice the water depth. This Advanced RSS typically lasts for 500 hours of in-water usage, and includes Wet Switch technology that maximizes its battery life by automatically shutting it down when it is out of the water. The SmartCast RF35 fish finder system features one-touch menu navigation that easily controls FishID+, depth range, fish alarm and sensitivity.

Humminbird's SmartCast RF35 system is constructed to be waterproof, and has a built-in A/B channel option that allows you to use two RSS devices in the same area, at the same time, with reduced interference. Unlike traditional fish finders, this unit lets both your hands stay completely free, and is designed to go with you anywhere, whether you are casting for fish from a boat or on the shore. You can simply attach your bait to the RSS device to get a real-time view of fish, the bottom landscape and underwater structure where your line is, or preview an area by casting with the RSS and reeling it in. The RF35 comes with everything you need to start catching fish right out of the box, and is backed by Humminbird's one-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box

  • SmartCast RF35 wireless wrist-mount fish finder, 1 x Remote Sonar Sensor, replaceable lithium-ion battery for RF35, user's guide and warranty information.