Asus SABERTOOTH X79 LGA2011 Core i7 8 x DIMM DDR3 64G Max Motherboard
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Product Information for Asus SABERTOOTH X79 LGA2011 Core i7 8 x DIMM DDR3 64G Max Motherboard

Highlights for Asus SABERTOOTH X79 LGA2011 Core i7 8 x DIMM DDR3 64G Max Motherboard

The long awaited launch of the X79 chipset and Sandy Bridge-E CPU, Intelís next generation of Core i7 CPUs, is finally here. Aimed at the enthusiast market, the new platform delivers a bigger die- socket LGA 2011- with up to 130W TDP and 4-Channel DDR3-1600 memory support and combined with 6-core, unlocked, Intel Core i7 CPUs, this platform promises the ultimate performance. The ASUSí X79 series of motherboards, P9X79, is the prefect platform to not only begins to fully utilize the potential of this new platform but also extend the performance of the system with additional features and benefits exclusive only on an ASUS motherboard.

The TUF Sabertooth X79 is the ideal motherboard for a cutting-edge consumer looking for a customizable, consistent, durable, reliable motherboard that will withstand some of harshest conditions. Encompassing all the ASUS features found on the X79 motherboard, this motherboard enhances and builds its reliability promiseó to withstand and perform optimally in virtually any environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Distinguished Thermal Design
    ASUS engineers have meticulously designed the TUF Sabertooth X79 to regulate and dissipate heat to ensure durability. Each board has 12 Thermal Radar heat sensors that provides heat detection and delivers real-time information through a heat map in the Ai Suite II software. Ai Suite II also allows for individual fan control for every fan on the motherboard. Additionally, the heat sensors automatically adjust fan speed to ensure cooling depending on the temperature. The Thermal Armor design also goes further with an advanced heat pipe and heat sink that transfers heat from the hottest part of the motherboard to an additional heat sink placed outside the chassis. For even greater heat regulation, there is a built-in stacked-fin heat sink over the PCH chipset with an accompanying fan.
  • Enhanced Shock Protection
    The TUF Sabertooth X79 encompasses an enhanced Electro Static Discharge (ESD) chip in every USB port as wells every I/O port to ensure maximum protection from static electricity that may occur. DIGI+ Power Control is also built onto the motherboard for precise adjustments to the CPU and DRAM. This maintains high system stability by automatically detecting the VRM area temperature, adjusting the single phase loading, and then optimizing temperature and performance.
  • Tested and Certified for Outstanding Reliability
    Every TUF Sabertooth motherboard is tested to perform to the highest standards. Each component is certified by independent Integrated Service Technology to the stringent Military Standard. Why military? Because the Military Standard ensures that each piece will withstand the some of the harshest environments on earth from frigid cold to barren heat. This means that whether you live in the hottest or coldest conditions or put the motherboard through various settings you donít need to be concerned with product failure as you would other motherboards. Whatís more, the product is put through our rigorous Server Grade Testing process to ensure product operation as a whole even in extreme conditions. To back our commitment with confidence, ASUS supports the TUF Sabertooth X79 with a 5-year warranty.
  • ASUS SSD Caching
    Unlike the Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT), the TUF Sabertooth X79 lets you easily setup SSD caching in two easy and fast steps. Simply plug in the SSD and HDD and enable through the EZ UEFI BIOS. Plus, thereís no limit to the SSD capacity like there is with Intel SRT.
  • Dual Intelligent Processors 3 with New DIGI+ Power Control
    The latest generation of Dual Intelligent Processors technology features an all-new controller for precise memory tuning and CPU voltage control to boost performance and increase overclocking potential. Combined with Turbo Processing Unit (TPU) and Energy Processing Unit (EPU), ASUS Dual Intelligent Processors 3 provides motherboards with digital power delivery resulting in better efficiency, stability and system performance.
  • Best for X79: 8-DIMM Design
    Support for up to 64GB of system memory on ASUS X79 motherboards provides the capacity for users to make full use of todayís 64-bit software, ideal for rendering detailed images or manipulating larger files without the bottlenecks of conventional storage.
    Support for up to 64GB of memory also allows users to set up sizeable RAM-disks and speed up access times of frequently accessed programs; minimizing the impact of storage transfer delays whilst maximizing user experience.
  • Exclusive ASUS SSD Caching
    A unique feature not found on most X79 motherboards, ASUS combines its engineering prowess and design capabilities to deliver SSD Caching technology to its X79 offerings. ASUS SSD Caching technology delivers blazing-fast SSD performance and mechanical hard drive capacity- up to 3x faster performance! With ASUS SSD Caching, setting up is also a breeze- simply plug in both SSD & HDD and one-click for fast and easy set-up.
  • USB 3.0 Boost
    Get up to 170% faster USB transfer rates thanks to unique integration of the latest UASP support on ASUS X79 motherboards. UASP support provides significant speed advantages over traditional USB by allowing for multiple data requests at once over traditional USB protocol of single command mode. In addition to UASP support, USB 3.0 Boost also includes Turbo Mode which helps significantly increase the speed of any USB 2.0 or 3.0 by boosting data transfer rate to save you time.
  • Award-winning UEFI BIOS Upgraded
    ASUS UEFI BIOS offers an elegant mouse-controlled user interface as well as native support for hard drivers harder than 2.2TB. The new version of UEFI BIOS now comes with built-in BIOS Print Screen (F12), Shortcuts (F3) and DRAM SPD memory information and tweaking.
  • USB BIOS Flashback
    USB BIOS Flashback is the easiest BIOS update- simply plug in a USB thumb drive and push the USB BIOS Flashback button to complete BIOS update without BIOS or operating system boot up requirement.


  • Model: Sabertooth X79
  • Socket/Chipset: Intel LGA2011/X79
  • Power Phase:
    • Leading Digital 8+2 Phase
    • Military Certified Components
  • Memory:
    • 8*DIMM DDR3 Quad-Channel Max 64 GB DDR3 1866/1600/1333/1066 MHz
  • Expansion Slots:
    • 2*PCIe 3.0x16 (dual@x16/x16)
    • 1*PCIe 3.0x16 (@x8)
    • 2*PCIe 2.0x1
  • 1*PCI
  • SLI/CrossFire:
    • Up to NVIDIA Quad-GPU SLI
    • Up to AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireX
  • Storage:
    • 4*SATA 6Gb/s (2*Marvell)
    • 2*eSATA 6Gb/s (1*Power eSATA)
    • 4*SATA 3Gb/s
  • RAID: X79: 0/1/5/10
  • LAN: Intel 82579V
  • Audio:
    • Realtek ALC 898 8-Channel
    • DTS Ultra PC II
    • DTS Connect
  • 1394: 1*1394a
  • USB:
    • 14*USB2.0(8@mid-board, 6@back)
    • 6*USB3.0(2@mid-board, 4@back)
  • Bluetooth: N/A
  • ASUS Unique Features:
    • TUF Thermal Armor
    • TUF Thermal Radar
    • DIP3 (DIGI+ Power Control, TPU, EPU)
    • ASUS SSD Caching
    • USB 3.0 Boost
    • ESD Guards
    • MemOK!
    • Anti-Surge Protection
    • AI Suite II
    • Fan Xpert+
    • USB BIOS Flashback
    • ASUS Q-Design
  • BIOS: UEFI BIOS (EZ Mode/F12 BIOS Print/F3 Shortcuts/DRAM SPD)
  • Form Factor: ATX (305x244)