Lenovo IdeaCentre K410 Desktop Computer - Intel Core i3 i3-3220 3.30 GHz
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Games and multimedia can fall flat on a computer that isn't cut out for them. You'll never worry about that with this performance-level, variable-speed desktop - instead, you'll be able to focus on the fun side of things.

Battery Information

I/O Expansions

Input Devices

  • Keyboard: Yes
  • Pointing Device Type: Mouse
  • Memory

  • Maximum Memory: 8 GB
  • Standard Memory: 6 GB
  • Miscellaneous

    Package Contents

    • IdeaCentre K410 Desktop Computer
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse

    Network & Communication

    Physical Characteristics

    Power Description


  • Total Hard Drive Capacity: 1 TB
  • Processor & Chipset

  • Cache: 3 MB
  • Processor Speed: 3.30 GHz
  • Processor Type: Core i3
  • Processor Model: i3-3220
  • Processor Core: Dual-core (2 Core)
  • 64-bit Processing: Yes
  • Processor Manufacturer: Intel
  • Number of Processors Supported: 1
  • Number of Processors Installed: 1
  • Hyper-Threading: Yes
  • Direct Media Interface: 5 GT/s
  • Software

  • Operating System: Windows 8
  • Operating System Platform: Windows
  • Warranty

    Additional Product Specifications

    Built-in Devices


  • Audio Line In: Yes
  • Audio Line Out: Yes
  • Controllers

    Display & Graphics

    General Information

  • Product Type: Desktop Computer
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 57308927
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.lenovo.com/us/en/
  • Manufacturer: Lenovo Group Limited
  • Product Name: IdeaCentre K410 Desktop Computer
  • Product Line: IdeaCentre
  • Product Series: K410
  • Brand Name: Lenovo
  • I/O Expansions

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    Outstanding Performance for Your Everyday Tasks.

    Take your everyday tasks to a new level with this high-performance and super-fast PC.



    • Three power settings with external switch: Turbo for heavy gaming, Auto for optimized settings, Cool for quiet operation and power-saving
    • Windows® 8
    • Stylish, tower design
    • Portable 500GB USM hard drive dock (portable HD sold separately)
    • Two USB 3.0 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 9-in-1 card reader
    • Easy, tool-less expandability
    • Convenient, top-located carry handle



    • IDEACENTRE K430:

      If you're looking for top performance in a stylish take on the traditional tower PC design, look no further. The IdeaCentre K410 desktop PC uses cutting-edge processing power and advanced graphics technology to deliver fast performance to knock out not only your everyday tasks but even your most intensive applications.

      We've loaded the K410 with the latest processors, blazing-fast graphics, and HD capability — and we've developed cutting-edge options to accommodate any games that you and your family may want to play.

    • Blistering Power.

      With plenty of high speed DDR3 memory, you can drive your PC's performance and multi-tasking power to the limit. And with massive HDD storage space, you'll have more room than ever for all of your data. Plus, there’s a built in USM dock to accommodate a portable USM drive.

    • Smart power.

      Not that K410 desktop PC squanders energy when it's not necessary. The K410 desktop sports a color-coded, three-speed power control switch that puts you in the driver's seat:

      • Turbo: The red-gear zone is perfect for power-hungry games and graphics-intensive applications.
      • Auto: The blue-gear zone is just right for occasions when you need some power, but not break-neck speed.
      • Cool running: The green-gear zone is a power-sipping, frugal mode. Downshift to green when you want to check e-mail, surf the Web, or perform other low-demand tasks.
    • Easy to Upgrade.

      IdeaCentre K410 desktop makes it easy to tailor your computer to your needs. It’s specifically designed to make upgrades and enhancements easy, offering multiple slots for disc drives, extra memory, and more.

      But that's not all: the tool-free design lets you open your PC without a screwdriver. Simply twist the special screw grips to open up the chassis by hand. Disc drives and hard drives easily slip in and out of the slots, while a buckle design lets you change graphics and sound cards with a simple "catch."

    • Making it Easy.

      We've also engineered the K410 to make connecting to other devices a snap — and transferring data fast and easy. The IdeaCentre K410 desktop is loaded with ports, sports a flexible multi-card reader, and USB 3.0 technology to make data transfer faster than ever.

      We've even got you covered in the rare event something does go wrong. The Lenovo Rescue System lets you restore your PC and recover your data with the touch of a single button.


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