Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005 - Upgrade
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  • License Type:Product Upgrade
  • License Pricing:Standard
  • Package Type:Retail
  • License Quantity:1 User

Marketing Information

Visual SourceSafe is the ideal version control system for any development team using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Historically, problems within the team development environment stem from the inability to work comfortably in a setting sensitive to their projects and source code. It's simple - no complex setup or installation is required to try out Visual SourceSafe running in the full-featured MSDN Virtual Lab.

General Information

  • Manufacturer
  • : Microsoft Corporation
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • : 324-00503
  • Manufacturer Website Address
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  • Product Name
  • : Visual SourceSafe 2005 - Upgrade

    Product Information

  • Software Main Type
  • : Management
  • Software Sub Type
  • : Project Management/Version Control
  • Software Name
  • : Visual SourceSafe 2005 - Upgrade
  • Features & Benefits
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    Enhanced Performance and Stability:

  • In support of database performance, Visual SourceSafe has increased data storage to 4 GB, and has enlarged archive limits. The file retrieval operation is two times faster than in older versions.
  • Visual SourceSafe reduces the need to analyze, administer, and repair databases. It is compatible and interoperable with version 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 databases.
  • Support for Larger Projects and Distributed Teams:

  • Regional Time Zones
  • Multiple Languages
  • Unicode
  • When you developed XML Web services created using ASP.NET with previous versions of Visual SourceSafe, all XML files, such as Web.config, *.wsdl, *.disco, and *.map files, were stored in a binary format. Thus only one developer at a time could modify or check out these files, limiting the possibilities for parallel development tasks. Also, Visual SourceSafe could not be used to compare or merge these files, because they were stored as binary. The latest version of Visual SourceSafe treats Unicode-encoded file content, including XML files, as text, allowing your developers to store, compare, and merge these files just like any other text files.
  • File Merge Improvements:

  • In support of parallel operations, Visual SourceSafe features a new Copy-Modify-Merge workstyle for multiple checkouts from a database. Selectable upon database creation as an alternative to the traditional Lock-Modify-Unlock workstyle, this workstyle allows team members to share files while ensuring that no team member's changes will be lost or overwritten.
  • Changes in the SourceSafe Plug-ins for Visual Studio:

  • Remote Internet Access: This release of Visual SourceSafe introduces a new SourceSafe Internet plug-in for Visual Studio source control. The plug-in and its associated Web service enable remote Internet access to Visual SourceSafe databases over HTTP or HTTPS. The SourceSafe Internet plug-in supports the basic operations of database open, database add, check-in, checkout, and get, but does not provide rename, delete, get by time or by label, history, labeling, or share/branch functions. This plug-in is particularly helpful when you need to access your Visual SourceSafe databases when you are on the road.
  • Improved LAN Access: This release of Visual SourceSafe enhances the existing SourceSafe plug-in for Visual Studio. Now called the SourceSafe LAN plug-in, this source control package can either operate as it has in previous releases or optionally work with a LAN booster service that enhances performance. The functionality provided by the plug-in is basically the same, whether or not use the LAN booster.
  • Language Support
  • : English
  • Distribution Media/Method
  • : CD-ROM
  • Package Type
  • : Retail
  • Platform Support
  • : PC

    License Information

  • License Type
  • : Product Upgrade
  • License Pricing
  • : Standard
  • License Quantity
  • : 1 User

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    Operating System:

  • Microsoft Windows (32 bit)
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