Konftel 60W Wireless Bluetooth Conference Phone
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Product Information for Konftel 60W Wireless Bluetooth Conference Phone

Highlights for Konftel 60W Wireless Bluetooth Conference Phone

  • Wireless connection to devices equipped with Bluetooth technology
  • Connects directly to your Digital and IP phone set
  • Includes PC connection for IP Softphone applications
  • Optional expansion microphones

The Konftel 60W is a stylish mobile conference unit for the modern office that includes Bluetooth technology for even greater versatility. With superb sound quality and easy-to-use functions, it connects easily to computers and system telephones as well as operating cordlessly with Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones.


  • Portable unit – simple to connect and use
  • Requires no dedicated telephone line or subscription
  • Connects to most IP and digital system phones, DECT and mobile phones
  • Can also be connected to your telephone or computer using IP telephony
  • Expandable with additional microphones
  • Compatible with telephone features, e.g. three-way calling
  • Connects wirelessly to unit equipment with Bluetooth® technology

The Konftel 60W connects to all devices!
System phones connect to the Konftel 60W via the handset outlet. The switchbox means that you can quickly change between speaking hands-free and using the handset. You can also connect a headset. The Konftel 60W can be placed up to ten metres from the phone if connected to a system telephone with Bluetooth® technology.

Your mobile or DECT telephone transforms into a quality conference phone when connected to the Konftel 60W using a Bluetooth® connection or an optional cable.

Computers (PC/Mac) equipped with software for IP telephony (Skype.com, Alcatel WebSoftphone, Nortel IP softphone 2050, etc.) are easily transformed into a conference IP Softphone by connecting a Konftel 60W to the sound input on your computer (cables provided). Konftel can supply an optional USB adapter for direct connection to the USB port on your computer or use a Bluetooth adapter for a wireless connection.

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply:
    • Transformer 120 V AC/12 V DC, 700 mA.
    • Electrical cable 20 ft (6 meters) modular 4/4 (RJ-11).
  • Connection:
    • Analog in/out 10 ft (3 meters) modular 6/6 (RJ-45).
    • Switchbox with modular 4/4 (RJ-11), 20 inches (0.5 meter).
    • Wireless connection: Bluetooth® technology headset and hands-free profile 1.1.
    • Range: < 33 ft (10 meters) depending on surroundings.
  • Compatibility:
    • Can be connected to a digital phone set under virtually any PBX.
    • The Konftel 60W connects wirelessly to most telephones and computers equipped with
    • Bluetooth® technology.
  • Approval: FCC, UL and CSA.
  • Loudspeaker volume: Adjusts to 15 levels.
  • Microphone volume: Adjusts to 5 levels.
  • Reception area: Microphone < 300 sq ft (30 m2 ).
  • Rec. room conditions: Reverberation time: < 0.5 sec. Background noise: < 45 dBA.
  • Temperature: 41°–104° Fahrenheit.
  • Size: 9.15 inches (232 mm) diameter.
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs.
  • Color: Deep sky-blue.