Polycom SpectraLink 8400 Dual Charger Kit
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Polycom Spectralink 8400 series dual charger cradle has two charging bays, handset and spare battery slots, giving you the ability to charge batteries while keeping the phone operational. The handset charging bay is used to charge one battery in the handset without disabling the phone operations. The spare battery slot charges the separate battery pack without having it connected to the handset giving you the ability to always have a charge battery available.

The Polycom Dual charger gives priority to the handset charging slot when both charging bays are occupied. When both charging bays are occupied then handset will be the only device charged until the battery is either fully charged or the handset is removed before the spare battery bay is activated.

The Polycom Dual charger has an LED status light for both charging bays. The LED for the handset slot indicates whether the handset is positioned properly in the cradle and battery status will be displayed on handset. The battery pack slot LED displays the charging status of the battery pack inserted in the charging bay.

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  • Polycom Dual Charger
  • Polycom Universal Power Supply