Garmin Nuvi 370 GPS Navigation with 3.5 Screen
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Product Information for Garmin Nuvi 370 GPS Navigation with 3.5 Screen

Highlights for Garmin Nuvi 370 GPS Navigation with 3.5 Screen

  • Display: 2.8” W x 2.1” H (3.5” diag.), 320 x 240 pixels
  • High-sensitivity integrated GPS receiver by SiRF
  • WAAS enabled; flip-up antenna
  • Hands-free Bluetooth® wireless technology

Introducing the nüvi: A versatile travel assistant that’s approximately the size of a deck of playing cards.

The nüvi is a portable GPS navigator, traveler’s reference, and digital entertainment system, all in one. Combined with detailed maps, the nüvi provides automatic routing, turn-by-turn voice directions, and finger-touchscreen control—making it easy to find your way anywhere.

The nüvi also offers a travel kit of useful travel tools to help keep any journey fun: MP3 player, JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, currency converter, measurement converter, and calculator. In addition, optional software packages such as the Language Guide and Travel Guide (sold separately on SD Data cards) can be added for language and content support.

North American versions include pre-loaded City Navigator NT maps of the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

The nüvi 360's unique "text-to-speech" feature calls out turns by street name. In addition, this text-to-speech interface, gives users the spoken pronunciation of each entry in the word bank—along with gender and part-of-speech information.

The nüvi 360 is compatible with the GTM 10 FM TMC traffic receiver, which allows users to avoid traffic tie-ups by simply pushing a button that will calculate a new route.

The nüvi 360 also comes with an A/C charger and approximately 700 MBs of internal memory for storage of supplemental maps, MP3s, and audio books.

Garmin Nuvi 370 GPS Navigation Features

  • Hands-free Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • High-sensitivity integrated GPS receiver by SiRF
  • WAAS enabled; flip-up antenna—includes MCX-type connector for optional external GPS antenna connection
  • Preloaded with City Navigator NT — includes detailed maps of U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico (no downloading required)
  • Travel Kit includes Language Guide, MP3 player, audible book player, picture viewer, world clock, currency and measurement converters, and calculator
  • SD memory card expansion slot
  • Powerful built-in speaker
  • Traffic alerts with optional GTM 10 FM TMC traffic receiver
  • Text-to-Speech — unit prompts you to “Turn right on Main St” instead of “Turn right in 500 feet” Audible and visual navigation instructions and warnings
  • Offers a three dimensional mapping perspective, or 2-D overhead view
  • Display: 2.8” W x 2.1” H (3.5” diag.), 320 x 240 pixels; bright, TFT display, 64K colors, with white backlight and touch screen
  • Unit dimensions: 3.87" W x 2.91" H x 0.87" D (98.3 mm x 73.9 mm x 22.1 mm)—fits easily in a pocket or purse
  • Weight: 5.1 ounces (144.6 grams)
  • Built-in lithium ion battery
  • Between 4-8 hours of battery life, depending on use
  • Includes 12-volt power adapter cable for external power while in your vehicle
  • Includes suction cup mount that allows for easy adjustment and quick release
  • Simplified PC connectivity, similar to a digital camera, using USB Mass Storage with access to either the SD card slot or to the unit’s internal memory directly from your PC desktop.
  • With the POI loader program, users can set up proximity alerts for school zones, safety cameras, and more.
Garmin Nuvi 370 GPS Navigation Specifications
  • Type: Handheld
  • Acquisition Time Cold: 38 Seconds
  • Acquisition Time Warm: 1 Second
  • WASS Enabled: Yes
  • Update Rate: 1/second, continuous
  • GPS Accuracy Position: <10 meters, typical
  • GPS Accuracy Velocity: 0.05 meter/sec RMS
  • Waypoints: 500
  • Trip Computer Average Speed Maximum Speed Resettable Odometer Timers
  • Inputs: USB
  • Display: LCD TFT
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Voice: Yes
  • Battery Life: 8 hours
  • Antenna: Built-in patch
  • Dimensions: 3.87” x 2.91” x 0.87”