Optoma Technology BG-3DXL DLP 3D Scaler Box
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Project a 100" diagonal image between 20' to 36' away from the screen. The Optoma BG-3DXL DLP 3D Scaler Box Converter is a stunningly bright XGA projector with extensive connectivity options. Power zoom, power focus and power lens shift for installation flexibility.


Optoma 3D-XL Converter Box for 3D Video and Gaming

Unlock the capabilities of your existing 3D ready DLP® projector with the 3D-XL, the world’s first 3D projector adapter. Take advantage of the exploding list of 3D game, movie and television content.

Combined with a game console or Blu-Ray player and a 3D-ready projector, the 3D-XL box lets you create life-sized and fully-immersive 3D experience right at home. It’s simple to create life-size 3D images on any flat surface, to bring the best content available to life.

Compatible with 3D broadcast signals (such 3D Blu-ray players and 3D games for the Sony® PS3 or Microsoft Xbox 360), the 3D-XL bridges a 3D output source and a 3D-ready DLP projector. With images measuring as much as 100 inches, gamers and movie fans are drawn into an immersive viewing experience not offered by the small-screens of 3D televisions.

At a Glance: One Step Away from Immersive, Life-Size 3D Projection at Home

  • Get big screen, fully-immersive 3D projection at home
  • Achieve the 3D experience at a fraction of the cost of buying a 3D TV
  • View Blu-ray 3D movies and 3D broadcasts of movies, sports and events from satellite or cable
  • Play Sony® PlayStation®3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 3D games
  • Connect with any 3D-ready Optoma projectors, as well as DLP-based projectors from other manufacturers
  • Includes one flicker-free active shutter 3D glasses

3D Projector Adapter

The 3D-XL can be used with any of Optoma’s 3D-ready DLP projectors, or with another third-party 3D-ready DLP projector, to project 3D content from 3D Blu-ray disks, 3D satellite television content and 3D console games. For projector owners, a total 3D solution that provides exciting and realistic big-screen viewing can be had for a fraction of the cost of investing in a smaller-screened 3D television.

3D-XL Box Key Features Compatible with HDMI 1.4a Supports multiple 3D inputs Switchable between 2D and 3D Compatible with DLP projector A system with dual 3D-XL engines can project 3D 1080p (passive 3D glasses needed) Patent-pending Optoma technology in the 3D-XL box solves the common “pseudoscopic effect” in which the left and right viewing frames are inverted. With this solution, the headaches and eye strain associated with frame inversion are eradicated. The Optoma 3D-XL lets you immerse yourself in sporting events, video games and movies like never before. The 3D-XL unlocks the 3rd dimension and adds depth to your viewing and gaming experience so you feel the onscreen action.

Glasses Included:

Optoma’s 3D-XL box comes with a pair of Optoma ZD101 DLP Link 3D Glasses. The glasses provide excellent 3D viewing from anywhere in the room, within 40 feet from the screen. The lightweight design and interchangeable nose pieces ensure a customized, comfortable fit. The glasses can be used for up to 70 hours between battery replacements (an LED indicator indicates when batteries need to be changed).

The elements of the ultimate live-size 3D experience:

  • An Optoma 3D-XL converter box with 3D glasses
  • A 3D-ready DLP projector Additional 3D active shutter glasses (optional)
  • A 3D Blu-ray player or console gaming system 3D content (Blu-ray movies, console games or broadcast content) HDMI cables
  • A projection screen (optional)
  • CPSC Regulated Indicator: No
  • Composite Wood: 1
  • Private Label Indicator: No
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  • Has Mercury: No
  • Has Paper Wood: No
  • Model No.: BG-3DXL
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 4.5
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 1.18 x 11.02 x 7.49