pcRUSH.com currently ships to certain international locations for large quantity orders.

Please contact us to verify that we ship to your location. If you prefer to speak directly to a customer service representative, call us at +1 (310) 356-5100. You may be charged for the long distance call by your telephone service provider.

Please be aware that many product warranties do not provide coverage outside of the U.S., and some products may not be exported under any circumstances due to manufacturers' restrictions or U.S. law. International orders are subject to additional handling charges, higher shipping rates, and applicable customs, duties and taxes. All international orders must be prepaid in full with U.S. funds, by a cashier's check drawn by a U.S. bank or by wire transfer. Your order will only be processed when payment has been confirmed.

International orders cannot be placed on pcRUSH.com Web site. Please contact us to place an international order or to check for rates, restrictions and other arrangements.